Old and New Friends from Curel Body Lotion

If you have super dry skin like me, you need to know about these affordable yet powerful body lotions from the drugstore from Curel, a brand recommended by dermatologists. Press Sample - Affiliate Links Curel often uses ceramides in their lotions like the two I’m talking about today. Ceramides, ingredients that you expect to find only in expensive department-store brands, are part of the fatty layer of cell membranes ....more

Taking Care of My Hands and Nails

The summer is usually the best time for my nails and hands, but as I get older I still have a few nail and hand challenges even in the warm weather. Press Sample - Affiliate Links...more

Send Flowers from “” for Easy Long-lasting Gifts!

If you’ve followed Never Say Die Beauty for a while, you probably know that I love gardening and I adore flowers. Because I like to see the flowers I grow in bloom in the garden, I seldom bring them indoors. But I love to have flowers in my house, so I love receiving flowers as gifts, and I love sending them as well ....more

Fashion Flash 24 July 2017

Monday is Fashion Flash Day, and click here for today’s link. This week, Fashion Flash is hosted by one of our newest members, Janise from fashion-focused blog, Mama In Heels. See what the lifestyle, beauty, fashion, fitness, travel, and health bloggers of Fashion Flash have to share with you this week! ...more

NARS Liquid Blush: Orgasm

When NARS launched the new liquid version of their iconic Orgasm blush, I decided I needed to try it. I Bought This - Affiliate links In fact, I forgot that I used to be a liquid blush fan for a long, long time. I was loyal to Clinique’s liquid blush that came in a round glass bottle with a dosing hole at the top ....more

15 Minute Beauty Shares Her Most Repurchased Cosmetics

The Beauty Spotlight Team is continuing its “Most Repurchased Cosmetics” feature by shining its light on Christine from 15 Minute Beauty. 15 Minute Beauty had a really hard time deciding which products to include. Today she’s sharing her favorite skincare products, but she’ll share more of her all time favorites all week long! ...more

Treets Traditions Foaming Shower Gel: Relaxing Chakras – Cherry Blossom Scent!

Several months ago, I wrote about Treets Traditions Foaming Shower Gel, Nourishing Spirits (here). Press Sample - Affiliate Links...more

L’Oreal Revitalift Triple-Power Deep-Acting Moisturizer

L’Oreal Revitalift Eye Firming Eye Cream was my go-to eye cream for more than a decade. Press Sample - Affiliate Links And I’ve used other skincare products in the ever expanding Revitalift line. So when I received a black box from Influenster, the blogger’s organization, with L’Oreal written in white on the outside, I was eager to see what was new ....more

The Battle of the Bags: Ipsy vs. Sephora Play July 2017

This month, my two subbie bags arrived almost simultaneously. I’m always comparing the two, and this month is no different. Let’s see if either one has the edge ....more

EveryOne EO Essential Oils to Boost My Moods

I finally discovered the pleasures of essential oils a couple of months ago when I started using my essential oil diffuser (reviewed here). Press Sample - Affiliate Links Quite a while ago, I received the Peppermint Aromatherapy Single essential oil from EveryOne EO Aromatherapy. At the time, I didn’t have a diffuser so I used to put a couple of drops of peppermint EO on the wall of my shower so that the steam would activate the scent ....more