Why I Want to Go to Housewife School

“What you need is housewife school.” This from a friend observing my efforts to replicate traditional Icelandic recipes and to learn how to crochet. He was referring to Reykjavík’s Hússtjórnarskóli, which loosely translates as “house management school,” but is often referred to as “Housewife School.” ...more
Bizellis Mommy_1Mojo Yes! I need that school! Closest thing I have is this: ...more

Finding Home: Unpacking My Library in Iceland

Last fall, Mark and I left New York City and moved to Iceland. We left a city with population of over eight million for a whole country with a population of 319,000. We made the move because, nearing 30 - when many of our peers are transitioning into their lifetime careers, settling in relationships, and starting families - I discovered that I was passionate enough about this tiny’s country’s amazing literature that I wanted to learn Icelandic myself. (One day, I’ll translate Icelandic literature into English.)...more
@Nomadic Chick Thanks--I'm glad you enjoyed it! Have you lived in a lot of different places ...more