Sugar By Suzanne

Grandmas, Country Fairs, and putting it all out there for judging...

Today is bread baking day....if you're new here, then you are familiar with my complete inability to bake bread for the most part.  There are things like Pop-Overs which I am pretty darn tootin' good at fixin'....and then there are a few others I manage to pull off.  ...more

Tuesday's Treats....Tur-cake...gobble gobble

My beloved hillbillies, aka my family, always love to get together during holidays for feasting, blue grass music, and just about anything they consider fun!  This past Thanksgiving was marked with the passing of my very vibrant and colorful cousin.  But we did what we always do, we gathered together and celebrated the things we could!  There was a baby on the way, my daughter's birthday, and the beauty of all these amazing people gathered in the church basement to share great food and just continue the traditions my grandparents started so many, many years ago....more

I finally made butter....

I made butter…finally!My husband is a living history extraordinaire! Which means, I have lots of  “how to” books referencing his favorite time in history, Colonial America.  These books include everything from cooking simple every day fare to exquisite banquets…how to sew clothing for the average family living on and running a small farm to the extravagance of the elite and Royalist…he can demonstrate, with amazing detail, the aspects of nearly every part of colonial life.  Me? Well, today I finally made butter!...more
Yum!   And, congratulations!more

Tuesday Treats... Butterfly Cupcakes...'cause I am longing for Spring, that's why!

Butterfly cupcakesIt’s Tuesday…Tuesday’s Treats is my chance to post a picture of something I’ve done in the world of cakes.  As soon as I found the cupcake folder with the butterflies I made with Alyson last year…I knew that was the theme for this week!  I’m sitting here in the house, whipping runny noses all week, the yard is too muddy to play in, and I’m ready for Spring!  I want to get dirty in my garden, take Alyson to the playground, and feel the sun on my skin again.  I am ready…yes…bring on the Spring! Please!...more

Meatloaf Monday and Mommy Madness...

Meatloaf Mondays and Mommy Madness….Last week I ate meat loaf for the first time, ever…and I loved it!  I only have myself to blame for never trying it.  Now every Monday will be Meatloaf Monday at our house.  I’m serious.  Atleast for the foreseeable future…lol....more

Friendships, brothels, and vegan cookies....OH MY!

It's been six years since I saw my friend Brianne.  Thanks to quirky technology and a friendship forged waiting tables in at an Irish Pub in NYC, those years and a little bit of water known as the Atlantic Ocean haven't dulled things one bit! ...more

Tuesday's Treats: Babies, Grandmas...cakes & life...

Tuesday Treats, an introduction...I love sharing pictures of my latest cake projects.  I guess I am very proud of even the smallest achievements when it comes to learning curves.  Being self taught and overcoming layers of self doubt over the years probably has alot to do with it! :D...more

Cupcakes and My Girls...xoxo

  When Kellie and Alyson wanted to bake and decorate cakes today, I willingly obliged them with some lemon cupcakes for Alyson and chocolate cake for Kellie.  Why not...we can celebrate anything in this house with cake, and Kellie did drive us home safely with her brand new learner's permit!  So, yeah...let's make cake!...more

Not - Too - Sweet Peach Cobbler, single serve style!

Don't get me wrong, I love sugar...but sometimes I enjoy finding ways to balance our family's after dinner indulgence with a twist of not so sweet....  Tonight I have made a "Not - too Sweet" peach cobbler / dumpling recipe of my own. ...more

When the storms knocks out power...I still have hot tea!

It gets pretty darn tootin' cold here in the mountains when a storm knocks out power...No sooner than I had finished the dinner dishes to the dimming and pulsing of lights in the house as the heavy snow piled on the tree limbs and power lines, the sudden and impending plunge into the darkness of a cold January night began....more