Interview with Joe Cross, filmmaker and juicer extraordinaire

This week I interviewed Australian businessman and filmmaker, Joe Cross. In 2010, Joe released a documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, which recorded his epic 60-day juice fast. During his fast, he traveled across the US interviewing and inspiring overweight Americans. I stumbled across Joe's film whilst Googling 'juice fast' earlier this year when my clothes were getting a bit tight....more

Fig and almond tart recipe from a tart


Interview with the UK's No.1 food blogger, Sul-Lin from Tamarind and Thyme

What a treat it was to interview the UK's most popular food blogger, Su-Lin, who writes Tamarind and Thyme. I never cease to be amazed by the energy and industriousness of our top bloggers, who often hold down full-time jobs in addition to producing frequent, high quality material for their posts. Su-Lin is one such 'superblogger' Born in Malaysia, she came to London in 1998, after spending her childhood in Canada and Singapore. Incredibly, she has no formal training in the kitchen...but she does know how to cook and eat well in London without going broke! ...more

What impact is food porn having?


Misunderstandings with men, as well as an entity I've never failed to understand: cake

Benji's back, for those of you who were concerned he might never return to England. He offered neither explanation nor excuse for his sudden disappearance after our kiss. His friendly, slightly flirtatious manner continues, while I continue my 'Jadis' act (Jadis being the While Witch of Narnia, if you're not a C.S. Lewis fan). On Monday I printed and stapled three copies of his typed notes from the conference in Munich and performed other tasks perfunctorily. On Tuesday I turned down an invitation for 'coffee'....more

Interview with top food blogger Helen Graves

Interview with top food blogger Helen Graves


How to make the perfect pancake...or is it a crepe?

 Finally, I've discovered a thin, milk pancake recipe that works every time...provided you use a non-stick frying pan. These lovely pancakes take me back to my pony camp days. If you could make it through a cold night in a flapping tent, your reward was an enormous, paper-thin pancake, drizzled with honey and lemon juice. It was heaven. You will need:...more

A question for men: why do you leave us on tenterhooks?

It is a sad, confused, lonely little Piggy whose trotters pummel the keyboard this morning. After the high excitement of last Saturday afternoon's tryst with Kennedy-lookalike Benji, I arrived at the School of the Environment and Something-Or-Other on Monday to be informed that he is spending this week at an environmental conference in Munich, Germany. One can't help but wonder why he didn't mention this conference on Saturday. It's not as though I expect to be carried everywhere he goes like a pocket rat, but it would be nice to be kept in the loop....more