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The Day My Daughter's Phone Died #RIP

Bellonheels.comMy daughter got a smartphone for Christmas last year. I never thought I would be one of those parents who gave my middle schooler a phone. I got my first cell phone when I was twenty years old. And not to date myself but the phone was referred to as a “bag phone.” As in, the receiver of the phone was attached to a bag, which sat on my car console....more

Overcoming My Fear Of Pressure Cookers

Bellonheels.comHappy 2017!I thought I would kick off the new year with a post. My 172nd post on this blog, to be exact. How many of those 172 posts have YOU read? If you need to catch up, please feel free. I’ll wait. I have time.Sometimes I wonder if anyone even reads blogs anymore. I fear that everything is going to video. Which is a good thing because I do enjoy watching videos. I just haven’s mastered the art of video blogging yet. Or vlogs as some would call them.See? I know stuff....more

My High School Reunion Is About To Happen

Bellonheels.comY'all!I didn’t think I used that word very often until a friend told me that I actually did. So now I try to make a point to say Y’allbecause I am Southern and it is my birthright....more

The Day My Mother Saw An Oncologist

Bellonheels.comI share things on this blog in an effort to have a record of my journey. I document my life for the world to see, in the hopes that I can find human connection and support, through experiencing life together....more

How To Madly Prepare For A Beach Vacation

Bellonheels.comI love the ocean. It causes me to have bouts of tranquility. I am zero percent Zen. But if I ever was, I left it by the oceanside....more

Thirteen Years Of My life With You

 ThirteenThirteen years ago today, at Winston Place, in Valley Head, Alabama, we got married....more

My Choice To Unstructure My kids Summer

Bellonheels.comWe are in the throes of summer break now. We are settled into our much lazier routine, of which I am a huge fan....more

Mamahood: You Might Be Doing It Right ...more