Want To Be A Travel Blogger? Ready for 75 Steps For A Single Post?

Think Being A Travel Blogger Is Easy? Think Again!Who wouldn't want to be a travel blogger? It sounds like the best job in the world! And, as I know from personal experience, it can be! But it's also a lot of work - in fact, there are 75 steps involved in creating just a single blog post and I bet it's the same for foodie, fashion, lifestyle, and parenting bloggers too. Even when you're pursuing your passion there is a lot of work involved!...more

Exploring the Hampton Pirate Festival

I'm not a very adventurous girl and it's safe to say I don't go out of my way to hang out with a particularly adventurous crowd. Nope, it's safe and sedate all the way for me. The very opposite of what a swash buckling, grog swilling, plank walking pirate would do! So with the hopes of catching some of their infectious enthusiasm, I headed to Hampton, Virginia to participate in the annual Blackbeard Festival and become a pirate for the day....more

Reviewing the Osprey Porter 46

Packing obsessed? Who, me? Maybe just a little! I'm constantly in search of the perfect bag and, at one point, I thought I had found it....more

Visiting the Louvre 101

When you think about "secrets" at the Louvre, you probably imagine some dark and mysterious tales, straight from the Da Vinci Code.  But the secrets I'm about to share are lot more family friendly - and admittedly less dramatic - than anything Dan Brown created!...more

Lugging around luggage tags - how to travel smarter

Not once, not twice, but four times this month readers have asked me about luggage tags. Do you really need to use them? What kind should you get? Where should you put them?  As always, I'm happy to do my very best and try to get to the bottom of things - any info that makes your air travel smoother is good in my books!Airline identifiersFirst of all, you are rarely - if ever - required to put personal luggage tags on your bags....more

Can You Travel Well For $200? We Did In Vermont!

I've always believed that you can live large on a teensy budget – especially when you’re travelling. It’s one thing to travel frugally, but it’s another altogether to do so in a way that feels rich! And that is exactly what I wanted to accomplish with the $200 challenge. We chose Vermont as our first location. See previous posts on the Vermont $200 Challenge:...more
You did pretty well, all things considered.more

Off the Beaten Path in Downtown Montreal

The 200 Meter ChallengeWelcome to Turnipseed Travel’s Latest Series!Inspired by our past success with the $200 Challenge, I was eager to take on a new travel trial. For those new to the concept, the $200 Challenge was built on a simple premise: can two people travel for two days on just $200? The answer was a resounding yes!...more

Spiritual Sites and Travel

Meet one of our travel value all stars! No matter where you go, what you do, or why you travel, these features, attractions, or amenities will always offer you tremendous value; an excellent experience for your limited time and money.Houses of Worship...more

Meet the Beetles!

“Look out for the lions!” my students cheerfully screamed the day I left for Africa. I was a proctor in a university dorm and my students seemed awfully optimistic about my chances of encountering a man-eating beast....more

Travel Memories Are Made When...I Scream for Ice Cream!

I Scream for Ice Cream!Courtesy: letsmakerobots.com...more