You want me to follow who? you?!

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Try your hand at a Tibetan meal

(disclaimer: when I talk about culturally "Tibetan" things in this post, I mean particularly the things I have learned from my Tibetan Husband and his family, and our small community where we live in the Midwest. I do not want to make blanket statements regarding any culture.Take it with a grain of salt; your experience may differ.) ...more

Although I have eaten at the one Tibetan restaurant in Salt Lake (House of Tibet) this is ...more

Breakfast... yay!

I tend to think of myself as a person without routines but the fact is that I have routines, I simply don't like them. I routinely get up in the morning mere moments before I need to leave, and as a result I leave without a packed lunch or having eaten breakfast. I routinely roll into the office at precisely 2 minutes AFTER 8:30, technically making me late. And there are other things, like my routine of rarely doing dishes after cooking, and staying up to watch the Late Late Show with TV's Craig Ferguson, only to be too lazy to mess with the antenna to get the picture to come in. ...more

Won't you join me in a clinky glass?

I mentioned yesterday that I'd tripped up my month of entries for the NaBloPoMo July topic: Food. But if you'll indulge me I'll just play along like I'm still running with the pack. My interest today isn't so much food as it is drink. This is curious (is it?!) only because I had been to alcoholism and back, and stopped drinking, before I even turned 21. ...more