I’ve never thought that love should be begged or conditioned.Love is love.We love despite distance or circumstances, which is a ball park away from begging or placing conditions, like “this will work only, if……” .  You are more than welcome to fill in the blanks because I know at some point in our lives all of us encounter the “ifs and “if not’s” with the people who surround us....more

Paw Patrol and Family Diversity

I should blog more about cartoons and how they are shaping our young children.It's being done in a subtle way if you ask me.  I've moved on since Ian's fascination over Peppa Pig has faded and now a days Paw Patrol and Sponge Bob have taken stage center.One of the things that kind of pinpointed the impact these programs were having on Ian was when we brought home Albizu (our puppy) and he asked me,"Why doesn't Albizu talk?""What???"...more

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Our "If You Do This, Then We'll Do That" Children

Back in the day (at least my day), when my then young children had to comply with my instructions, I told them what to do and they did it.  No ifs, protests, or anything as  a matter of fact....more

One Foot in Front of the Other

A day like today we were at my beloved father's in law burial.It's been  a year since his passing.We've moved on by placing one foot in front of the other.Out of us all, my mother in law has endured the hardest part. If I chose a mantra for her, it would be "one step in front of the other".  With each morning she's had to get up and get going, placing one foot in front of the other to walk the difficult road of life. Most of all adjusting to living without her life long partner....more

#WomensLives When Battering Comes Around Your Corner

My blog is about anything and everything that happens to all of us.  Better said, it's about life with its ups and downs.However, there is one category that I'm not really into.  Probably it's because I saw domestic violence from the first row seat during my childhood.In a way, this campaign has done me a favor because I've had to look closely at the issues I tend to avoid. ...more

Our Private Worlds

Each and all of us have private places in our lives that we really don't want to share with anyone. Spaces where we store our secrets....more

I Want It Now Syndrome

During our lives we have come across situations where basically we become toddlers all over again.When a child turns two or three they get into a phase where waiting is a royal pain in the butt. However, as "mature and reasonable" adults we also engage in the "I Want It Now Syndrome".Recently I've had to deal with an issue with my wireless company about a situation where one of my devices and lines was blocked due to an error of someone in a technical department.  ...more

Pursuing Our Quests

As we celebrated "Three King's Day" yesterday I waved Christmas goodbye.In Puerto Rico, Christmas season extends to January 6th, because we celebrate the epiphany with the arrival of the Three Kings to see baby Jesus....more

When The Dead Take Turns to Say Hello

 Our next door neighbor passed away yesterday. Julia made it to the very old age of 95.  She almost made it to the century.  I carry some fond and other not so fond memories of her (you know the ones related to when your growing up kind of thing).Yet, the memory I will always carry is that she was the one who came over to my house to press my wedding dress.  Since she didn’t have daughters of her own  my mom let her press my dress and arrange it beautifully on my bed so a wedding picture could be taken....more