Jenna Hatfield


October, You Say.

I love October. It comes with many challenges, and I feel a bit wary coming into it this year. But I’ve been working on having hope, even when the logical side of my brain wants to point out all of the Worst Case Scenarios ....more

52 Weeks of Brotherhood: Movie Time

The weather is kinda odd. This week feels weird. It’s only Wednesday? ...more

I Don’t #RunLikeAGirl

I know as a feminist, as a woman, as a mother of a strong daughter and two equally awesome boys I am supposed to get behind the #runlikeagirl movement. I’ll admit to sniffling a bit during the commercial when it ran during the Super Bowl. But that was before I knew that the very next day, grown women would begin using the hashtag on the regular ....more

Training for the Columbus Marathon: What to Wear?

I’ve been thinking about what to wear for the Columbus Marathon. I’ve come up with mostly nothing—and I don’t mean wearing nothing. I just can’t figure out what to wear ....more

Crisp Around the Edges

Summer officially ended and fall, oh fall, is officially here. Our backyard, and our front one for that matter, look a little crisp around the edges. I pulled all of my marigolds already ....more

52 Weeks of Brotherhood: The One with the Do Over

Last week, I got to go to the boys’ school not once, but twice to enjoy Muffins with Mom. On the first day, which honored 2nd and 3rd graders, we left the house ahead of schedule and pulled up in front of the school just as BigBrother exclaimed, “My backpack!” Listen. I wasn’t happy ....more

Training for the Columbus Marathon: Thoughts on Race Day Approach

During my 14 miler this weekend, I started playing with the approach I plan on taking when race day rolls around for the Columbus Marathon. I’m coming into this full marathon with a lot of respect for the distance and a brutal dose of reality. I’ve decided that scheduled walk breaks will help me make the full distance without falling apart on the course ....more

6 Ways to Survive a Sleepover

The boys had their second sleepover at our house last night. Now that I’ve hosted two, I’m obviously an expert on how to throw a successful sleepover. So I’m here to tell you how to do it without losing your mind. 1 ....more

What Mickey Mouse Pancakes Taught Me

It looks even better baked, but they ate it too quickly. In elementary school, I spent many Friday and Saturday nights at a close friend’s house. Sometimes it was just the two of us, sometimes a whole gaggle of giggly little girls ....more

Why Are Parents Required to Sign Their Kid’s Agenda?

School seems like it’s off to a good start this year. We experienced a small bump in the road during the first week, but save for an odd comment from one of the kids’ teachers which I have not yet processed, I’m still feeling hope for this coming year. Mainly because my kids keep coming home happy and I’ve seen administrators step up and do the right thing ....more