Dear Teen, Just Say No to Sex

Remember when you were a teen with raging hormones? Maybe kissing in the backseat of the boyfriends car or hiding out somewhere and making out? I remember. It was a wonderful if not slightly confusing time. I didn’t have my mother to talk to, mostly because I really didn’t like my mother until I was pregnant with my own child at the young age of 18....more

I'm so not ready for that stage. I still have a few years to go. I hope!

However, I think by ...more

The Problem With Kids

I like to think I have some pretty awesome girls. Smart and beautiful are also adjectives I’d use to describe them. Not to mention level headed. But I’d also like to point out how moody Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde they can also be. Sometimes I get the “OMG MOM! YOU ARE THE WORST MOTHER EVER, I HATE YOU!” screeches every now and again because I set ground rules and enforce them from time to time. I like to think we are pretty typical, but then again maybe not, I have no idea, because I missed the parenting 101 class and I couldn’t join 102 without it....more

I was told by several people that 14 is almost a magical age in that they stop being ...more

Resolution Heart and Soul

Have you ever been feeling really upbeat and positive, your day was going well and you were just all around happy? Then you start talking to someone who was just all around nasty? Like everything they said was designed to bring you down and make you feel just as bad as they obviously did? That is negativity and sometimes it’s very hard to fight it. It’s hard to talk to someone who say and do things that feel like they are designed to make you feel so bad that you are just so drained after dealing with them....more

That once I cut this person from my life I will do a little dance. ;)

It's been a long time ...more

Attention BlogHer '10 Photographers!

Anyone interested in getting together for a night shoot? I'd really like to do a night shoot, but do NOT want to do this by myself. I'll be there Thursday through Sunday....more

I have a Sony Cybershot DSC-H55. I guess I have never tried setting it on a tripod. It takes ...more

No Doctor, I do NOT agree with your assessment of my child!

My aunt had a daughter, her name was Rachel. She would be 30 years old today if she were still alive. When she was a baby, before she turned one she started getting sick a lot and she started bruising easily. My aunt and her husband took her in to the doctors and hospital numerous times. So many times in fact that they started to accuse them of making her sick and harming her. They even called child protective services on them. They had to fight what felt like everyone to figure out what was wrong with their daughter....more

I have had a couple of run-ins with some bad doctors - once for my son and once for me. The ...more


 I have this little problem, its my girls and they are doing bad things. Things like going gaga over boys. TALKING to boys. Acting like drama queens, entering middle school, wearing makeup and worst of all…they are allowing their bodies to change. Without my permission I might add....more

No long, heavy discussions or instructions - just a lot of general discussions during the entire ...more