Old Dogs

I watched the movie "old dogs" with John Travolta and Robin Williams. Yes I still like watching Disney movies. Plus, I'll watch any movie with Robin Williams in it because he is so funny. Seth Green is also hilarious. I'll watch any movie with him too. I like John Travolta and couldn't help but feeling a little sad for him watching the movie. He lost his son and his daughter is in the movie she plays Emily. I couldn't imagine losing a child. Then having people bash you because of your religion after losing your child. I don't get why people act like that....more

Need you now

I was wondering why I’m always so tired during the day and then I’m basically up all night. I must be a vampire. lol I know I said I wouldn’t call but I’ve lost all control and I need you now- Need you now by Lady Antebellum What’s the secret to happiness? I think it is trying to look on the bright side. Even when something happens in my life that is hard I try to remember that everything happens for a reason. Everything only lasts for a season not forever. Sometimes it is easier to say then do but from my experience I’ve realized this. ...more

Project positive what I like about me

I wasn’t sure what to write but in honor of project positive I wanted to come up with something. If you’ve read me before you know I’ve struggled with an eating disorder. This was not a happy time in my life and is still something I struggle with from time to time. It is hard for me to find things to like about myself but I know there is stuff I like about me. So here goes nothing. 1. My eyes: People always say I have bedroom eyes and long eyelashes and that my eyes are pretty 2. my smile: People say my smile can light up a room and my laugh is infectious...more

Thank you for the comment. Once I got started it wasn't that hard to find things I liked about ...more

I don't feel like doing anything

I have tons to do and don't feel like doing anything. Yesterday with my grandma really wiped me out. They are going to be transferring her to another hospital tonight. It is probably for the best and she is going to get a second opinion when she get's there since we are not happy with the surgeon she had. I did talk to my boyfriend. I broke down and called him but figured it was important to tell him what was going on even if I just left a message. But, he did answer and we talked for a while. I knew he was just really busy and so have I....more

Just got back from the hospital

I just got back from the hospital. It was a very hard day for me. I was taking care of my grandma and it basically all went down hill. Her stitches came out her wound opened up. I was scared as I'm sure anyone would be in this situation. I called the home health nurse who luckily came by and checked on her. The wound was opened up and badly infected. So we ended up calling an ambulance to take her to the hospital. She waited for the doctor who finally got there and said she would try to find a surgeon who could look at it....more

Anger banishment

Anger is something we all feel from time to time. Giving it and being at the other end of it can be a difficult thing. I've learned that with anger it can always be controlled. Yes we might have the feelings of anger and being angry but we never have to act on them. When we do we are just acting out our feelings and hurting innocent people in the process. There is never a good reason for getting angry at someone. You might try to blame the other person but that is...more

Divine supply and demand

I started a group and a buisness called “Pray and love.” It is about prayer and loving people treating them the way you would want to be treated. In my mind and as a christian scientist this is what I believe if we love people and pray then we can solve so many problems. But, this has to be a global thing. I will be writing articles related to this topic and I also have set up websites related to this....more

Here I am

Here I am chasing my dreams but they don’t seem quite so far away Here I am no longer broken just being me it’s finally free Here I am if I cry it’s okay if I smile it’s okay why pretend when it’s all said and done Here I am living the dream Here I am making it just fine Here I am standing on my own two feet Here I am no need to say much more as long as I’ve got me and my God Here I am once shattered now I’ve come back to life Here I am no longer broken finally free Here I am living my dreams...more

New Moon

Happy fourth of July my friends.I watched the movie new moon after wanting to see it for ages. I could really relate to Bella and Edward him leaving and pretending like he didn't care or love Bella. Because that same situation happened to me three years ago almost around this time. ...more

The private lives of Pippa Lee

I watched the movie "The private lives of pippa lee" and thought it was so refreshing how a grown women finally finds freedom. She feels trapped in a marriage and in many ways she buried who she really was. She lost her young rebellious side her free loving spirit side. She lived to please her husband and ended up losing all of her being. I'm not saying you shouldn't try to make your spouse happy or other people. But, we can't do it to the point where we lose who we are and lose the joy that is in life. I can relate to that very well....more