Melissa Aiello

I'm a perpetual construction zone - ever changing and evolving. My cover is that of wife, mom and doer of stuff that needs doing. My real intent is world domination, as soon as I learn to mind control hoards of zombies. Could happen...


The Human Canvas - Phase One: Art In Progress

Oh, the itch. Itchyitchyitchitch! And the twinges of pain, when the skin puckers and pulls - the tortured skin pulling against the unmarred. The will to not scratch is hard to summon - instead, scratching is replaced by a brisk slap to the uppity area, as if punishing the skin for having the nerve to react to what has been done to it. Such is the lot of The Human Canvas during the healing phase of a new tattoo....more
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The Wagon

The Wagon was so much taller than She remembered.When She fell off of it the last time, the ground felt closer - the fall shorter.Now, She stands staring up at the drivers seat - a shadowed figure holding the reins that were once hers."Your wagon has come and gone," The Shadow hisses, "just accept the new dreams and plans I've made for you. Your place is there...on the ground, not up here in the What Could Be. There is no room for you up here."And the wagon grew taller....more

Giovanni's Last Chapter

I found something today.Two somethings, actually. We are painting our family room, or at least we will be once we've removed all the furniture from the room. Part of the preparation involved purging a filing cabinet of college school work of mine...from 2009 (I'm a late bloomer). I threw most of it away, but there were a few pieces of early writing that I just had to keep. ...more
Linda Anselmi Aw, thank you! A friend of mine, who helped me edit before I turned it in, had ...more

Time to Start Being More

Next week marks the 6th month anniversary of my foray into the No Longer A Stay At Home Mom arena. SIX MONTHS!I'm not sure what I expected from the part time, a few days/hours a week, job offered to me so many months ago. The friend who presented it has an All Knowing Eye - in that she predicted the job evolving into full time and beyond.She was right.We're busy. We aren't just busy, we're over busy. Not only are we over busy, we're launching a new company - yeah, we're THAT kind of busy. ...more
I'm so proud of you!  I have shied away from jobs that involve math or organization, convinced ...more

She Wondered...

She wondered what it would be like  To not have to ask permission For permission to accept HerselfFor permission to like What she sees in the mirror For permission to believe She's enough ...more
you know what I like about this poem? it's raw and from your heart :) you have permission!more

She Forgot to Remember

So, there was this girl who couldn't do things. Well, she could, but she just didn't know it. She felt as if anything and everything was just too hard and her capabilities just too soft.  She knew there was this thing called Drive, a force that delivered a person from a desired goal to an achieved goal. She was sure she didn't have the directions to such a place, her GPS was pretty useless for that. And then, the strangest thing happened - she tried. ...more
@kisschronicles Thank you!! Must keep up momentum! I'd love for the writing mojo to come back, ...more

BlogHer'13, Business Cards and Nekkid-ness

You TOTALLY clicked on the link because it said "nekkid-ness", didn't ya? Perv.... But, seriously... Have you ever looked forward to something so exponentially that you get squishy every time you think about it? But, when you thought about it too deeply, as in the planning and details, you started to feel overwhelmed and the squishy turned to "OH-MY-FUCKING-GAWD-SOMEONE-DO-THIS-FOR-ME-BECAUSE-I'M-TOO-LAZY-AND-I-DON'T-WANNA!"? ...more
@KarenLynnn I think you are right!more

Infinite Starts Now

"We are infinite!", She screamed, raising her hands in the air as if she were gliding on the downhill rails of the worlds most thrilling coaster. The feeling of possibility exactly like that of ones stomach trying to sprout wings and fly to the heavens. "Are we? Really? Are we infinite or are we stifled, limited and constrained?" Said Other She. ...more
Love the spirit of possibilities.  You have me going -- in the right direction!!!more

Here and Now

"I don't want to be here alone", said Little She."Where?" Said Big She, wondering what other vastness there was to the living room that Big She didn't see. "Right here, with myself", said Little She."The only words that could avalance from my mouth are those that scream "I love You and you need to be here" a thousand times over." Said Big She. "I know", said Little She.It continues.......more
And now I feel like I was right there in the middle, intruding.     Mucho BIG hugs, Amiga!more

Parenting - Just Breathe

Little She knelt beside Big She, "I'm sorry for what I said earlier."Big She cupped Little She's chin in her hand, "I love you immensly. No matter what I yell at you or what you hear...I love you more than I love breathing.""Hey, you'll give me a double chin", said Little She with a touch of sass, but without pulling away.A brief moment shared between mom and daugther, a quick communication to affirm that what lay ahead will always be buffered with love and, hopefully, humor....more
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