I Lie to My Doctors

 As a person who has had chronic illnesses all of her life, I’ve seen my fair share of doctors. I’ve lied to most of those doctors. I haven’t done the type of lying that most would expect. Instead, I’ve regularly underplayed what’s wrong with me. Some people may think that means I enjoy being sick--I really don’t. I just don’t like doctors thinking that I’m drug-seeking or malingering. Unfortunately my choice to lie to doctors means that I don’t get the kind of healthcare that I need or deserve. ...more

Like It Or Lump It: Discussing Your Life on the Internet

I was 17 when I first opened up about the various issues going on in my life in a public forum.  I remember getting some hateful comments, but the majority of people were supportive.  Fast forward almost 10 years, and it almost seems like the tables have turned.  As our lives are shared more and more, outsiders begin to feel the need to critique the goings on in our lives.  By having blogs, twitter accounts, etc., we do technically open ourselves up to the criticism.  We don't, however, open ourselves up to hateful remarks, ignorance, etc....more

I love what you have to say here. I tend to take the same approach to people who leave ...more

Amy Bishop: A Potential Case for Insanity

On Sunday, it was revealed that Amy Bishop was a suspect in an attempted bombing.  This was after yesterday's statement that she killed her younger brother in 1986. ...more

Your Race or Mine

Race is commonly based upon skin color, facial features, and hair textures.  There have also been groups designated as races based on religion, culture, social, national, ethnic, linguistic, genetic, geographical, and anatomical groupings.  This makes one wonder what exactly makes a person a certain race.  If it's religion, am I part of a Mormon race?  That makes no since since I'm from a convert family.  If it's cultural, then am I part of an educated race?  Well, that sounds quite elitist.  If it's social, am I part of a liberal race?  That doesn't ...more

When Violence Strikes a University

It's almost unheard of for a woman to go into a workplace or a school and shoot people.  Profiles of workplace shooters do not even involve the idea that a woman would kill her co-workers, but it happens....more

Supporting Your Burden

As many good discussions start, this one was originated on Facebook.  There's a poll asking what people think of Universal Health Care and/or Obama's plan.  I've always been a proponent of making health care a government mandated program.  This, of course, is unpopular, particularly in Alabama and amongst my more conservative friends. ...more

The Introspective Role of Twilight

I've had a somewhat unhealthy appreciation for the Twilight series since I first read the books last summer.  I had heard bad things about them from people who hadn't read them, but I thought I'd give them a chance, just in case.  Ever since, I've been hooked. ...more

The Guide to the Obama Presidency

Living in a country where you don’t like the leadership is difficult, I’ll admit. However, it is NOT impossible. This is a quick and simple guide for non-Obama supporters to make it through the next few weeks, months, and years. ...more

Just Say No to R-Rated Movies

My church has this belief that watching R-rated movies is bad.  I believe that it isn't fair to judge them without understanding them a little better, i.e. watching them and deciding for yourself.  When I brought this up with a church friend, it did not go over well. ...more

Fraud or Not?

There are so many accusations these days against ACORN that they've committed voter fraud, but is it really?  To commit voter fraud, one must actually try to vote and present documentation at the polls as someone else.  Has anyone done this?  Not so far. ...more