Tips for Tidepooling with kids in San Francisco Bay Area

Tidepooling is one of the most fascinating experiences for kids and adults alike. The SF Bay area gives you so many wonderful beaches and reserves where you can enjoy sea life right on the beach during low tides. Tidepooling is our favorite family activity and I am excited to share the ins and outs of tidepooling with you ....more

Disappearing Ink or Invisible Ink Craft – Inspired by the Tinkerlab book

The disappearing ink or invisible ink activity and craft is one of the most fun science/ pretend play crafts ever! What is more is that this activity is perfect for a wide age range and widely enjoyed by both boys and girls. It is a also such a fun extension activity if your kids are excited about magic, spy books, pretend play involving mystery and more ....more

24 Fun Math Games And A Massive Giveaway

Anything is more fun (and easy to learn!) if we turn it into play. So, why not Math? ...more

A Toddler Gift for Father’s Day – A Dress up Tie!

Toddlers are capable of making great gifts for Father’s Day. ...more

How one non-profit is helping kids in the slums of New Delhi

Kids born in the slums of New Delhi have many hardships and few opportunities. Salaam Baalak Trust has been working to improve life and opportunities for kids in these slums. You will not believe what they have come up with now with this special school bag ....more

Family Travel Ideas { From Edventures with Kids }

Traveling with kids can bea lot of fun, if you know how to do it, where to go and how to make travel educational. It is all about creating an adventurous state of mind ready to have fun. It is not easy, however, to find all the resources we need to make family travel fun and educational ....more

Creative Math Activities For Kids {from What Do We Do All Day}

From the minute a child starts to count, he/she has started exploring the whole world of Math. However, building a child’s interest in Math isn’t always so easy. Kids understand math way before they can read and write independently, so how do we get them to build those math skills in creative ways? ...more

Creative Painting And Craft Ideas { from Creative World of Varya }

Creative activities with kids need not be complicated. It is just a matter exploring new materials in new ways, while keeping the basic activity simple. What do I mean by that? ...more

African History For Kids {from Look! We’re Learning! }

History of a country or a continent is a hard concept for kids. But with the right resources, it is easy to give kids a rich education in history. Selena Robinson from...more