art and lemons

a year of us | day 160

day 160 Rain paused on the windowpanes. Came on the wind then stayed put as if each drop had nowhere in particular to be. Warmed leftover soup on the stove while he toyed with the worm in our egg carton tomato garden ....more

a year of us | day 159

day 159 Sunday: Coffee and strawberries before sick duty began. Washed down the floor, curtain, and linens within reach. A pot of homemade gingery cabbage soup to ward off the flu ....more

a year of us | day 158

day 158 He rested on the couch in the morning. “Let’s go outside. We can dig up the garden and plant the basil ....more

a year of us | day 157

day 157 It was light out when the toast popped up. It rained last night. The backpack, lunch bag, and belt were left out on the back steps ....more

a year of us | day 156

day 156 I set out a bowl of cereal with sliced bananas and milk. L and I sat at the table during breakfast and worked on his double deck egg carton airplane. We taped the stair chutes in place and stabilized the wings before adding movie screens to each level ....more

a year of us | day 155

day 155 I slipped a pair of scissors into the front pocket of my jeans and brought him outside to play. He wandered around the yard stopping to pick up dirt and stones. I cut two snips of hair before the head wriggling and screeching began ....more

a year of us | day 154

day 154 The little one helped gather his clothes for bed then laid them out on the living room floor. He followed me into the bathroom and swished the bubbles as they rose in the tub. He swished more bubbles after I put him in the water ....more

a year of us | day 153

day 153 Not much day dreaming done but a pot of tomato soup made. It was 7:25 pm when finally sat on the couch to write. The boys were still awake ....more

a year of us | day 152

day 152 Sunday: Coffee. Photos at the vintage car show. Outside with the boys all afternoon ....more

a year of us | day 151

day 151 Coffee. Tax prep. Baseball ....more