art and lemons

Nikki Gardner


a year of us | day 78

day 78 Radio on. Modern Lovers in the car. The little one buckled in back, bathed in light ....more

a year of us | day 77

day 77 The blizzard turned out to be a good old-fashioned snowstorm with enough snow accumulation to cancel school (less than a foot), keep traffic off the roads, and walk the hills before sundown (which didn’t happen, unless you count taking the trash out). We had power and regular comforts to fall back on: chocolate, oranges, tea. Plus a surplus of soup, water, and candles, in case the super blizzard came through ....more

a year of us | day 76

day 76 We walked home from school, sliding uphill on the ice. Like the rumpled sheets, the soup went unmade. So it went with the bread ....more

a year of us | day 75

day 75 Sunday: coffee, yoga, green juice, muddy jeans, blue sky, the blood, train expo, back to the future (at the model drive-in), sandwiches and fries, chai, gilmore girls, blood oranges. +++++ I’m giving this yearlong project a spin. Undoubtedly, I will fall and pick up again ....more

a year of us | day 74

day 74 Sweet Jane on the radio. We stood together in the kitchen, alone, for a heartbeat. +++++ I’m giving this yearlong project a spin ....more

a year of us | day 73

day 73 He walked in the door with bad news. I didn’t know how to respond other than to question the weight of it. When L came home from school, he stayed with them and I went down to the river ....more

a year of us | day 72

day 72 Some days we were run entirely by our bodies. He danced in his crib, exhausted but waiting, for what I couldn’t tell yet. I read him pages from Lila, nearing the end and half afraid of what might happen on the next page ....more

a year of us | day 71

day 71 Light seeped through the frame of his bedroom door. He left the lamp and radio on when he left for school. I switched them off then noticed the note on his bed ....more

a year of us | day 70

day 70 In the afternoon, when light shone through every pane of glass, the little one ate a ladybug and wouldn’t sleep. What’s in your mouth? I withdrew a rust colored wing from his puckered lips ....more

a year of us | day 69

day 69 MLK Day. He chipped away at the ice on the back steps and driveway. His steady rhythm sounded through the house ....more