Balance (Or, Good Mommy Bad Mommy)

Mommyhood is such a delicate balance of good and bad.  For example: Take Little Man to the Pool - Good Mommy Teach Him How to Blow Bubbles - Good Mommy Give Dirty Look to Child Who Keeps Splashing Little Man on Purpose - Bad Mommy While Mommy is Dirty Looking, Little Man Swallows Some Water - Bad Mommy Do BIG Explosion Noises to Make Little Man Laugh and Laugh - Good Mommy ...more

Fresh Start and School Year Resolutions

School is starting for my husband today. He is in his third year of graduate school.  There is something about the start of school.  It is a fresh start.  New Pencils. New Haircuts.  New Notebooks.  New Books.  A New Year.  December 31 is just a day, but this time of year gives us so much.  We can start fresh, try again, make things better.  This time we'll keep the house clean, have no procrastination, and have more time together as a family.  ...more

From time to time. Not in "wishing a way" what we had but more the path not taken. Or maybe a ...more

Battle of the Wills

Tonight we start the new sleep training for Liam.  The days have been getting better, all due to a certain genious named Marc ...more


Bubbles This morning we decided to start teaching Liam how to drink from a cup.  ...more

I recently taught my son how to drink form a sippy cup and boy, was it a mess! Mealtime has ...more