Don’t Forget the Thank You Notes • Day 12 of 12 Days of Gifts

What?! We’ve come to the end of our 12 days of shopping roundup, and we’ve gotten to every kid’s favorite thing to think about: the thank you note. It’s true ....more

Best DIY Idea of the Season: Make Your Own Ugly Sweater

Oh, the ugly Christmas sweater. I didn’t really know it was so popular until my step daughter started sporting some last year. She’s got a knack for finding some really good ones ....more

Gifts to Help Along Those New Years Resolutions

Oh yes you did! You promised your sister you’d run that 5k with her and now you’re all planning how healthy and awesome you’ll both be in the new year, and you’re throwing around words like “kale”, “hamstrings”, “personal trainer”. I would love it if someone gifted me a personal trainer session or 3 ....more

Unique Client Gifts

Oh. Em. Gee ....more

Math Toys and Science Toys

I know it’s hard to believe, since...more

Gifts to STEAL From Loved Ones

This may have been my favorite gift post to write, because I got to virtually shop for myself. I basically just looked at everything on the internet and chose what I want. That’s the easiest way to buy things for people that you want to steal later, in case you were wondering ....more

Oh, So Tacky Christmas Gifts

Are you yearning for the tackiest Christmas ever? So were Mia and I. Tacky is fun, and there’s certainly plenty of it out there to go around, so we thought we’d have fun with this gift guide and go on a tacky gift bender ....more

Gifts to Open Minds: Reluctant Artists

Sometimes kids aren’t that into making art. Sometimes all they want to do is sit around torturing their sister’s Bratz dolls or setting fires in the back yard. Sometimes kids get a little older and think they’re FAR too cool to make art because art is for pansies ....more

What The %$#@! do I Buy This Person?

My husband is impossible to shop for. Actually, that’s not quite accurate. If I could buy him a $5,000 watch or a 1970 Porsche 911, he’d be quite content ....more