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(VIDEO) Own Your Beauty: What We've Learned

A year ago, we began our journey here on Own Your Beauty; as with all good things, we have come to our end....more
I just came across this video now. I love it! Especially the point about controlling your own ...more

Seven Tips for Better Photography This Summer

[Editor's note: Here's a post from last year by Karen Walrond of Chookooloonks and Own Your Beauty -- they're such good tips from such an amazing photographer that I had to re-feature them in this Month of Photo Tips. -- Julie] ...more

I really struggle with composition. Do you have any tips on getting good composition? I get ...more

Poverty and Promise in Kibera

Today, we visited Kibera, a huge slum located in Nairobi, and the largest slum in Kenya. In preparation for this trip, I did considerable online research about Kibera, and much of the information that I found was contradictory: I heard that Kibera is the second-largest slum in Africa, and third-largest in the world, but I'm not sure if either of those statistics are true. I've read information that states the population of Kibera is 250,000, but I've also read that it tops 1,000,000 people, so who knows what the real number is. ...more
Just listened to the TED story told by Chimamanda Adichie. I have been enriched by both of you ...more

How Kenyan Women Are Decreasing Infant Mortality

After a first full day of learning about home healthcare visits and HIV testing, day 2 of our trip to Kisumu was dedicated to learning about maternal and newborn health in Kenya. ...more
I lived in Kenya for four months while we were evacuated from our work in Somaliland and ...more

Live From Kenya: Home Health Visits & Being a Life Changer

Karibu Kenya!After 24 hours of travel, we arrived in Nairobi late Sunday evening, and made a beeline for our beds to get some rest before hitting the ground running bright and early on Monday morning. We made our way back to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport at 7 a.m. to take an early domestic flight to Kisumu, Kenya's third largest city, on the shores of Lake Victoria.  Though I didn't know this before, Kisumu and its surrounding Nyanza province is Ground Zero when it comes to infectious diseases:  HIV, tuberculosis and malaria, among others, are endemic in the aria, and the highest prevalence in Kenya is found in this region.  It also happens to be one of the poorest regions in the country....more

Karen: Thank you for the inspiring post about a brave and wise family and a committed health ...more

What Makes a Woman Sexy?

Earlier this month, my friend Victoria and I shared with you our thoughts about confidence being the ultimate form of sex appeal. Over the past few weeks, I've had second thoughts. I mean, what if the only reason we believed this was because we're women and simply wanted to believe this was the case? I mean, let's face it: As women -- to some extent -- we sort of have a conflict of interest when it comes to what makes a woman sexy....more

Victoria Gardner: We Can Determine If We're Sexy

"Hi," she said, warmly. "I'm Alys. It's so good to meet you." As soon as she walked up to me, I caught my breath. She was short -- at 5'8", I towered over her. She was more curvy than slender, and had very short dark hair. Her eyes danced, and her smile was huge, and I'm here to tell you, this woman was straight. up. sexy....more

Wow...I really love this post! Very uplifting. more

When "They" Say Something, They're Not Talking About You

Earlier this month, I had the privilege of speaking at the World Domination Summit, the conference masterminded by the impressive Chris Guillebeau. Chris is the author of the blog The Art of Nonconformity, and the purpose of this summit was to answer the question "How do we live a remarkable life in a conventional world?"...more
I'm 46 years old and if I only knew or felt half was I feel now but you know the other saying, ...more

Clothes Are Not for Hiding Flaws: Style and Self-Expression With Erin Loechner

The thing I love about clothing, you see, is how a necessity -- items which, let's face it, are really just supposed to keep the weather out -- has involved into a form of self-expression. ...more

I love the point of this post. I have been trying to do this more- wearing just what makes me ...more

Molly Ringwald: On Growing Up, Growing Older, and Growing Confident

 Every once in a while, you get lucky in life. Like, you know, despite billboards proclaiming the opposite, the world doesn't end. Or, even better, BlogHer makes it possible for you to meet, interview and photograph Molly Ringwald....more

Molly is so classy and so beautiful. This article is perfect. Thank you!

Abby ...more