Sandy Hook and School Prayer: The Good Old Days Are Getting Old

The other night, we attended a wonderful Christmas concert for the middle school. We paused at the beginning with a moment of silence for the victims of Friday's shooting at Sandy Hook. The principal, who is a nice guy and cares about the kids in his charge, said that this happened because we took God out of our schools. Most of the crowd clapped for him. I did not clap. I may have irreverently rolled my eyes, actually. Not out of disrespect for him, but at the fallacy that kids saying a generic prayer every day at school was going to make sure that a shooter would not make it in the school building. I am a Christian, and I pray. But the Good Old Days of school prayer were not perfect, and I wish people would remember that....more
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Helping My 13-Year-Old Get Ready for Social Media

It is times like these that make me think she may be ready to dip her toe in the tumultuous ocean of social media. Not because writing a good blog makes you savvy to the ways of Facebook, but because she has demonstrated that she can share her feelings effectively to the world (or me). She writes, she proofreads, she edits. I have an almost 13-year-old that is bringing the whole social media thing and her use of it to my forefront. I have several ideas running through my head on how to approach this, but I still have time....more
I know how daunting this epidemic of Social Media is. I had a FaceBook A/C for a short time but ...more

Why You Shouldn't Have "The Talk" with Your Tween

I have an amazing power that was only recently discovered. I don’t twitch when the word puberty is said. I not only don’t twitch, I get happy and love to talk about it with parents and girls. Girls only. I have no idea about the boys. Armed with this new super power I recently worked with a teen counselor and we put on a program for some local Girl Scouts. We held it around Valentines Day and called it Loving Your Growing Body. It was complete with snacks and door prizes and I have to say it was a huge success....more
I am a GS leader and although my Brownies are still too young for your program, I would be very ...more

Adoption And School Projects

Enu came home yesterday all excited about the time line project assigned to her class. She has to have at least 3 pictures and 5 events on her timeline including birth and present day. I honestly don’t remember Mita doing this assignment last year, but I do remember Meg doing it. This makes me wonder if it was assigned to Mita and she didn’t make a big deal about it or if she kept the assignment on the down-low because it was a big deal to her.  Hmm....more
My daughter is only 6 1/2 months old and already I have been thinking about school projects like ...more

Pure Joy

Watching the girls grow up is downright amazing.  I’ve said in the past that when they are small you are so exhausted and tired of saying “no”, of doing the diaper thing, the potty training thing, the sharing thing that you tend to not pay attention or appreciate fully the gains....more

Bras, Pads & Periods, Oh My! Entering the Puberty Phase of Parenting

I was at the gyno’s today trying to figure out the date of my last period. I used to be so on the ball with things like that, but don’t worry about it much now since I don’t worry about being pregnant. While I was looking at the calendar, I could tell you my daughters’ cycles better than my own. It is a weird thing having maturing daughters. Not bad, just weird....more
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