We Often Hurt the Ones We Love. Even the Ones We Don’t Love. So Why Do We Do That, Anyway?

Online today I read an interesting statement.  “When someone tells you they are going to be brutally honest, “ it was observed, “they usually mean they are going to be more brutal than honest.”  It was a timely remark, as I have recently been on the receiving end of just such a verbal mugging....more

One More Time

On scales large, small and in between, I have had to re-invent myself any number of times throughout my life. As a four year old, I had to learn to live with a disability after an accident caused me to lose my right eye.  I had to adjust to my realigned peripheral vision, deal with curious, sometimes rude, people who questioned me about my bandages and then my prosthesis.  In general, I had to learn to become a normal-bu...more

When Bad Things Keep Happening to Sort of Good People

Thank you, ladies, for your encouraging and kind comments.  It is support like this that will ...more

Speaking of Mothers

When I was a new nurse my first job was working in a long term care facility.  I love older people but much of the time my heart ached for my patients, who were almost all over 90 years old and had some degree of dementia.  If there could be said to be one recurring theme it was this: they all missed their mothers....more

We Are Americans

Ok. So I know who I am voting for next week and you know who you are voting for. Nothing is going to change our minds. So let's make a deal. I'll stop telling you if you stop telling me. Instead, I am proposing we spend the next few days in prayer and contemplation for our country and for making the best decisions for our future. Whatever your belief system, pray that we elect the honorable and strong leaders that we need....more

About the Conference Itself

 @sassymonkey Oh, ditto!!  I looked for you and Denise as well, was on the verge of becoming a ...more

Squandering the Gift of Free Speech

I know many good, kind and generous people.  People who love and honor their spouses.  People who have been proud and loving parents.  People who have a deep devotion to their church and to their God.  People who are generous to charities, committed to protecting the environment and are nice to animals....more

Mother's Day

The first time you hold them, you actually do count fingers and toes. Who knew? You trace the swirls of those soft, sweet, pink ears. The downy cheeks, the lashes, the button nose, the rosebud mouth, all go into your permanent file, memorized forever. The details are a little different for each child, but they are equally indelible. In your heart, they are perfection....more

I Took My Daughters To Work


Just a Housewife?

Just when I thought I had nothing to write about, along comes another campaign faux pas. I am so grateful for people who say stupid things.I cannot believe in 2012 this is still a hot button issue.A Democratic ‘strategist’ named Hilary Rosen made the off-handed remark that Ann Romney was not qualified to discuss the economy because she had “never worked a day in her life”.Even I, someone notorious for putting my foot in my mouth, would be hard pressed to come up with a more idiotic statement than that....more