How I cope with a very awake baby

Someday in the distant future, Maia will be sleeping, peacefully, in her bed. Outside her window, with its sun-blocking curtains drawn tight, birds will begin thinking about singing good morning to one another. She’ll be in her teenage years, awkward and believing that no one understands her. She’ll feel like the world is unfair, and everyone’s out to get her. ...more

How do you calm your baby?

I'm not sure if there's something wrong with Maia, or if this is just a phase, but lately we've been having a bit of a rough time in this household with her. She's still boycotting naps that last longer than 15 minutes, and at night she sleeps a maximum of three and a half hours before waking up for a feeding. The nighttime thing doesn't bug me too much, because she's miraculously staying asleep when I move her from my arms into the bassinet instead of being super-touchy about it all. And the lack of naps, you know, I could deal with it -- if she didn't need to take them. ...more

That is a great looking shower curtain.

Sometimes a new set of arms make a difference, ...more