December Daily Foundation

  Ugh!  I apologize for the poor picture quality.  I'm having problems downloading the pics from my camera this morning so these were taken on my iphone.  Anyhow, last week, I showed you the album {or journal} I chose for this years December Daily.  Well, I'm the most indecisive person.  I could easily blame the pregnancy but eh-I'm always like this.  With the journal I was going to have to put my favorite things on hold  ...more

{DIY Elf Letterhead}

Do you have an Elf who visits your house every Christmas?  We do!  His name is Elfie Elfgrin and he likes to cause to mischief.  He's a quirky little Elf we picked up at Michael's about four years ago, not the more common Elf On The Shelf.  He's a fun little guy though, he's tagged a long on a lot of our family traditions over the past few years and has since suffered a broken leg and some bumps ...more

December Daily 2012

  Back in 2010, I started a December Daily album and never finished it.  I wish I had taken time to sit down and even just put together something simple.  This year, I wanted to dedicate time to making one.  The main reason is because this is the last Christmas we'll have as a family of four.  This time next year, we'll have another little baby boy crawling around making mischief :)   So, documenting this year has become very ...more

Ava's Workshop 2012

Many of you have been following the story of "Ava's Workshop" for a while now.  But for those that haven't, you can catch up by reading this post here.  This remains one of my most popular posts to date, I'd like to think it's for the good that's happening in her heart but I think it may be for the cute thumbprint cards.  Either way it's fine with me, the more people that read her story the more people ...more

{Long Time, No Post}


Benjamin's Star War's Party

Random Projects

 The weather here in Southern California has been very tropical.  I feel like I'm living in Hawaii, or maybe it's just wishful thinking.  Really warm and humid.  Today we were supposed to have thunderstorms.  But, if you live in California, you know that's highly unlikely.  We kids were thrilled with the 5 drops we got today.  They were prancing around and thought it was the coolest thing that mommy let them swing in the rain ....more

Our 4th

Our fourth was just delightful.  We actually started celebrating on the third when David got home from work early and we started decorating the kids bikes.  Avi was way into it making sure that every inch of her bike was covered and Benjamin was into to it for about two minutes and then moved on to something else. Go figure!   ...more

{Red, White & Blue}

{A Great Start}