Capital Mom

Meeting motherhood

All the chairs around the square table are taken. Voices fill the room as the documents spread out on the table are discussed. Questions are asked. Positions are defended. I sit back in my chair listening, waiting for my turn to raise my concerns. I also stare. I stare at the long, thick hair of the woman leading the meeting and wonder if she has ever had lice. Her hair is so lovely. It falls past her shoulders with a straightness I ...more


My hand hovers over the row of paper cups. The stainless steel mug I sip from every day has been left behind on the kitchen counter this morning and so a choice must be made. I reject the orange cups. I don’t need that much coffee. Not so late in the day. I free a red cup from the stack but it looks pitifully small. It won’t hold enough coffee for a Wednesday afternoon. I finally settle on the green cup. Just ...more


The soft whirl of pages emerging from the printer fade into the background of jumbled conversations drifting down the hallway while I lose myself in thought. For a moment I am free of tasks, waiting emails and the long to-do list scratched out in black pen on the lined note paper on my desk. I turn my head back and forth quickly, all for the feel of the dangly silver earrings swinging from side to side ....more


I pull back the top stands of hair with my right hand while reaching behind to grab the rest of the shoulder length hair with my left. I twist and twirl until one hand is free to grab the brown clip lying waiting on the desk. I drag it tight against my scalp and pull it across the mass of hair that is increasingly threaded with white. My hair secured into my workday version of a ponytail, I release the clip. My computer hums as it ...more

In black and white

The flakes fall around me as I trudge onward. Swirling and whirling, the snow whips through the air. I lean in, sometimes I lean back, but my feet keep moving. There is no time to stop. I replace my black boots with black heels. I hang my black coat in the small closet. The world outside my window is blindingly white.   ...more

By the light of the tree

The white lights of the tree sparkle from within the green branches. I can’t smell the scent of pine from where I lie cuddling the boy on the couch nearby. The lingering cold has morphed from hacking cough to congested sinuses over the last three weeks. But at least the stomach flu that ravaged all four of us over the period of a week is gone. The girl has my eternal awe for beginning and ending the week hunched over a bowl ....more


I felt hacked. Inside and out. * That morning the first email I read informed me that my blog had been hacked. It was gone. Disappeared into the virtual ether. Obsolete. I read the email, disbelieving. I clicked on the site in despair. I gulped deep breaths as the husband rushed out the door to work and I fed and dressed the kids. I managed to feed and dress myself as well ....more

Over there

I have a post syndicated at BlogHer today. The email asking to syndicate it arrived in the midst of an otherwise overwhelming day and brought me a smile. For that I am grateful. If you haven’t read it already, please check out Catch toss throw. ...more

Catch Toss Throw: Juggling Motherhood

Within ten minutes of walking through the door, the boy slammed his finger and stood sobbing in the sunroom. On the couch the girl howled in frustration as she tried to yank the newly purchased baroque-like Halloween costume over her head. It itches, she yelled; help me. Do you not see me? I asked her as I held the weeping boy on my lap. Your brother is crying. I’ll help you in a minute....more
Beautifully written! And juggling it is...more

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! ...more