Memorial Day Weekend Gets Crazy In The Barracks

May 24-25, 2009 Memorial Day weekend ...more

I am my own enemy

I'm in this hole... I cannot breathe... Every breath I take Means nothing to me. It doesn't make sense to be the person I am. Yet I set here wondering where I am. I feel a stabbing pain deep within me as more time goes by I know it's killing me. Plagued with fear and deep regret I know you won't forget. I love you more than you'll ever know. That's why sometimes I feal Like I have to go. You don't deserve this wretch I am I know you might not understand. ...more

I am querulous today

Friday May 15, 2009 Waking up dead to the world ...more

My boys are too big for airplane anymore. And the baby is too little. However, she likes a ...more

This is so me

Personality Type Report Your Personality PreferencesINTROVERT ...more

Pulling one to many strings

Wednesday May 13, 2009        0500-------I wake up and get my rather cranky son out of bed a dressed for day car(couldn't   blame him)  While he was kicking and screaming my stomach was also kicking and screaming I thought I was going to pull my hair out.  usual I could handle this situation but when your sick you tend to lose some valuable patience.        0530-------Dropped Daniel off at daycare and fought a 30 minute traffic line to the gate (it usually only takes 4 minutes to get to work without any traffic) ...more

Not sure if I should see a doc tonight

Tuesday May, 12 2009 ...more

I Didn't Make It Through The Day

May 11, 2009 ...more

I'm so Sick of being Sick!

Lets start with Friday. ...more

Oye For The Time Being I am Dopey

Oh Dopey my dear you have nothing on me!        Well I went to see the infamous psychiatrist today.  My other doctor went in with me and stricktly (sp) told him that I just needed to talk and to absolutly not put me on meds.  Sure enough I'm walking out of the office like a zombie either that or Dopeys new girlfriend not sure which.  Might have to consult the husband about that one later. <smiles>  I can't even drive my car or hold my gun because of this medication. <frowns>  ...more

Ugh! It certainly was a tedious day

This is the day that never goes on and on my friends...blah blah blah ...more

Hope things go the way you're wishing. And have fun smacking the little ...more