Charis Brown Malloy

Charis Brown Malloy


Holiday Goings On

Today, I am sick....more

It's 11.11.11

...and that means that Instruction of a Starseed is officially born today.Yay :)Go here to check it out....more


This morning, seeing as this is the first weekday of non-Daylight Savings Time, I was going to exercise....more

Into the Woods

We have officially lived in the country for almost two weeks now. Although we sacrificed internet to live there, our cell phones don't work anywhere in our current county and we finally had our home phone land line hooked up yesterday, the views are totally worth it....more

Awakening as One: The Quickening

At yesterday's presentation at the Journey to Enlightenment Festival, one of the audience members shared this link with me after I finished

Are Angels Aliens?

Video Interview Part 2

Here's the second part of the interview I posted yesterday. Tomorrow I meet with these ladies to chat more....more

Make Water Yummier in Summer

Hydrating is easier done, for most of us, when drinking something with a little flavor. Water is fine, yeah, sure, but many folks are trying their best to come off of soda, juice, or sweet tea addictions. Or those drinks that carry yucky chemicals that we're now finding can cause cancer. And that were billed as healthy alternatives for sugar for so long. Fabulous. So yes, water is good, but if you'd like a little something extra, this is an inexpensive, quick, easy, and alkalizing (amazing for your body) way to dress up that water that you should be sipping on all day long as the sun beats down on you....more
@Charis Brown Malloy Now that sounds fabulously refreshing! Thank you for the recipe. I will ...more

My First Book Signing

Last Saturday I did my first book signing for Journal of a Starseed in Jim Thorpe, PA at the Emporium of Curious Goods. The Emporium has been open for decades and decades and had all types of cool and interesting stuff in it. If you're ever in Jim Thorpe, definitely wander in there....more