My one woman war on "Attachment Parenting"

I am an Attachment Parenting International leader.  I’ve read the books.  I’ve studied the research....more

Community-Minded, Liberal Parents Don't Homeschool? Part 2

(My continued rant about Dana Goldstein’s Slate article, “Liberals, Don’t Homeschool Your Kids: Why Teaching Children at Home Violates Progressive Values”)...more
 @mompaisley Ha - that sounds about right.  Night and day, you and me, politically anyway.  ;) ...more

Community-Minded, Liberal Parents Don't Homeschool?

Dana Goldstein’s Slate article contending that homeschooling is antithetical to progressive social values has hit a nerve. Goldstein’s thesis is this: Truly community-minded, liberal, progressive parents enroll their children in public school, become involved in the PTO and/or school board, and work to make things better. I used to see her point. I have come to understand that no amount of money or parent involvement is going to make public education anything other than what it is: too big and dysfunctional to be fixed....more
One reason we originally planned to homeschool was our concern that the schools available to us ...more

Three corny strategies for inspiring cooperation in your little one

Our family has been minus our Daddy for ten days. During this time I have been unable to cobble together two minutes of uninterrupted thought. As an extreme introvert who needs some quiet time every day for optimal functioning – let’s just say that I am currently operating at suboptimal....more

3 Picture Books for Consumption-Averse Families

Oh no!  Santa is in the joint!  Someone better spring him quick, or Christmas will be ruined! (photo courtesy of flickr user kevin dooley)...more
@@BehavioralChild I got that last one from an aunt last year who is a children's librarian - I ...more