We expected to be better at this…

Kuta, Bali, Indonesia So Tami kept her part of the bargain, flying halfway around the world to bring us our stuff. (That’s not a turn of phrase, by the way....more

In The Details

Kuta, Bali, Indonesia When we called Bali the Cancun of Australia, we had no idea how right we were. Because, like Mexico, people do come to Bali to drink cheap beer on the beach, party and buy cheap souvenirs so Bali caters to that....more

Who even buys tin!?

Tampa, FL, USA Really? Really!?...more

Sacred Monkey Theives

Kuda, Bali, Indonesia The Balinese have an odd relationship with their monkeys. On the one side, they are considered sacred (and therefore protected and allowed to live where they want) for their ability to ward off evil spirits from the temples they inhabit. …and that’s good....more

Traveler’s Tax

Kuda, Bali, Indonesia Here is an important bit of travelers’ etiquette that you should become aware of: When you join a long-term traveler, you need to be ready to pay the tax. Tiffany’s sister Tami is not the first member of our family to join our adventure....more

Criminals vs Rebels

Departing Australia Australian friend: Well, we are a bunch of criminals over here. Us: Is that considered better or worse than the bunch of violent rebels we come from? One of the things that has amazed us about Australia has been its similarity to the United States....more

What are the odds?

Kuta, Bali, Indonesia There are those things you hear about but you assume the chances of them happening to you are just so scarce as to not even give it much thought....more

The Cancun of Australia

Kuta, Bali, Indonesia Sailing out of Australia would have been a great idea except for two things: 1) We had arranged to meet Tiffany’s sister in Bali on a specific date. 2) Our work holiday visa in Australia was expiring fast. As we’ve said before, a key element to being good crew is being able to be flexible....more

House or Travel?

Karumba, QLD, AU As our time wound down in Australia we found ourselves having a difficult conversation about a choice we could not had foreseen coming when we first started this adventure. Like we said last week, we had a good time “living the dream” and we were successful at said dream; we had completed what we originally set out to do....more

Backpacker Jobs How-to

Karumba, QLD, AU How the heck are we doing this? This article comes by way of a reader....more