Jane Byers Goodwin

Jane Goodwin


Dirty Little Secrets

Dirty little secrets must not be revealed. Mamacita says: ...more

Things I Still Haven’t Done Yet, Part 99

I’ll get around to it . Mamacita says: ...more

“You Kids Sit Still and Behave!”

Mamacita says: ...more

Censoring A Book Should Be A Crime

Mamacita says: ...more

I Go To Conferences. Here’s Why.

Mamacita says:Because...more

Dandelions, Wishes, and Fairies, Oh My

Mamacita says: ...more

Bread and Butter and Sharp Knives and ISTEP

Mamacita says: I used to cook and make butter with my students. ...more

Easter 2016: Rejoice.

One of two carved limestone Easter Island heads at the entrance to Thornton Park in Bedford, Indiana Mamacita says: Happy Easter, everyone. What? Oh, oops ....more

You Have Schema

Mamacita says: ...more