Women, you are not weak, less competitive or soft for wanting to take maternity leave!

Since being named Yahoo's new CEO, pregnant Marissa Mayer has been lauded as a feminist phenom. Not only is she the new CEO of a Fortune 500 company, she's a pregnant new CEO. I'm as proud of her accomplishments as the next gal and glad Yahoo didn't see her pregnancy as a detraction or distraction from her ability to work. Not everyone is so open minded....more

Not Blogging About It

As a blogger I often find myself incapable of not publicly disclosing information. This has gotten me into trouble multiple times, and I have had more than my fair share of Facebook drama. Sometimes it's not what I say but who I talk about (my husband many times) or people who think I'm referring to them (and I probably am) and don't like the tone, statement, or in one case, the picture on my blog....more

Would You Eat at a Restaurant Named Fat Ho Burgers?

I know we should do our part to support female entrepreneurs, but what Waco businesswoman Lakita Evans considers a gimmick to get people into the doors of her new restaurant, Fat Ho Burgers, just doesn’t sit well with me. ...more

You can't compare this to Hooters or Twin Peaks. When you walk in the door to this community ...more

What to do When His Valentine's Day Gift Blows!

Valentine’s Day is a test for most men. It’s their moment to show us women how much they really care. And sometimes they fail miserably! ...more

Wives: We can dish it but can we take it?

You know how in the midst of fighting with your spouse you get so frustrated you forget what started the fight in the first place? That is not me. I almost always instigate the fights. I am the finger wagging wife. ...more

My Anti-New Year's Resolution

Last year ended with a big stinky life-fart!  The kind that clears a room or an elevator or, in my case, your brain of all thought. I cruised to the end of 2010 on auto pilot....more

Life Lessons From Elizabeth Edwards, And Why We Can't Hate John

Rest in Peace seems most appropriate for a woman whose life was anything but restful or peaceful. Elizabeth Edwards died yesterday after a long fought battle with cancer. ...more

Making it Through My Miscarriage

This has to be the hardest blog post I've done. I've asked myself if it's the right thing to do. So many women want their miscarriage to be a private event. And mine is. But what's so difficult about the miscarriage--beyond the physical discomfort--is the emotional toll it takes. I've felt isolated with this. I knew it could be a possibility and once it was confirmed I've felt pregnant with guilt and hurt and blame. And suddenly everyone around me--good friends, 16-year-old girls, women at the doctor's office--is pregnant and I'm not. And there's a sense of shame that comes with that. Lots of blame. And questioning. Why did I tell people? Did I not want this pregnancy enough? Did I do something wrong? How come her and not me? ...more
I am so sorry for your loss. I completely understand. I had a miscarriage in November, and it ...more

Is Katy Perry Too Hot for Elmo?

KRLD radio posted this video of Elmo and pop star Kary Perry (Cal-i-fornia Girls…Will Melt Your Popsicle…Fine, Fresh, Fierce… Bikinis on Top). Yes, but does Katy Perry have a little too much on top for Sesame Street?...more

Gabourey Sidibe in Elle: “Light bright and damn near White”

Elle magazine’s 25th anniversary cover features non other than Gabourey Sidibe of Precious fame now starring in The Big C with Laura Linney. But take a good look at that cover picture. Does that look like Gabourey?...more