The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

I've started to practice meditation. It's not much of a practice but it has provided some space and I think that space has helped my heart to breathe again. It also calms me when I'm in a frantic race to deliver my own style of perfection....more

I'm Sorry. I'm getting older.

I was looking at some photos of my kids that almost shocked me out of time and place because they looked so old in the images. It was as if an old friend was showing me pictures of her kids and I felt the passage of years since we last connected. It's not completely like that but I do still catch myself waiting for life to return to how it had been. Then pulling myself back in to my new reality, so seemingly alien still and yet so much like a well-worn sweatshirt at the same time....more

My Maelstrom

a powerful often violent whirlpool sucking in objects within a given radius; figurative: a scene or state of confused and violent movement or upheaval  ...more

Lucky Now (Ryan Adams)

I’ll come right out and say it, “I’m the vision board type”. I’m not necessarily proud of it but it’s there right next to the socks I sleep in because I get cold at night and still listening to too much classic rock. I like positive messages, words, and images and I collect them, pieces of them, and post them around as reminders to me of the good things....more

Hello, Goodbye

The Beatles...more

Big Bang Theory

When I was a kid, my stylist recommended bangs all the time. She would sit me down in the kitchen chair - the one with brown faux leather and two wooden steps that folded out to create a ladder/chair, throw an apron over me, and ever so slowly use the kitchen scissors to cut a clean flat line across my wet hair. I can still feel the slightly ticklish, slightly menacing cold metal above my eyebrows. I can also hear the delicate, crisp cut of my hair and the metal swishing sound inside my head....more
LOL great blog.  I like your bangs by the way :-) I gave up on my bangs probably 5 years ago. ...more

What It Takes

It has taken me a long time to get to this point... ...more

Head Full of Doubt, Road Full of Promise

The Avett Brothers I admire people who own their personalities and empower those around them by their sheer presence. They are truly advocates of self and they are the minority. There is a silent devastation in not liking self. I consider it an epidemic in our society which presents itself as a constant competition of consumption and unaccountability for social ineptitude....more

Life is a Beautiful Bastard

I always remember something my bestie told me once, “happiness is a choice;” it certainly is. A few weeks ago I went to see a friend perform at The Improv. She is taking classes at the Yes Lab, where (as far as I understand it) they teach people how to say “yes” in the moment....more

Run Like A Mother#%^$@!

I used to be apprehensive about the softness of motherhood. Not just the fleshy jiggle that comes with sacrificing your workouts and your hard earned miniskirt to birth a human but also the loft that begins to define your social life and the unabashed need to be emotionally available when raising a child....more

I completely agree MBL. I am so concerned about how to raise my daughter to have loads of ...more