It gets weird when it gets cold

I was enjoying mountain biking for hours every day, alone and with my friend Holli, until I did something horrible. Although really it's my mother's fault for thinking she had a tough stomach.For days before my mom's visit, I was trying to think of places we could eat that would be, how do I say this, lighter than the typical Asheville fare. Asheville has a lot of places with fried things stuffed into BLTs on the menu ....more

Writing for my rent

A portion of my rent to live here in North Asheville with an old friend is to write one piece of fiction a month.My fiction blog, Then The Radio Died, pre-dated The Wilder Coast by three years, but has been more or less abandoned. If you'd like to visit and read the ongoing saga of Eve and The Lunatics, head on over to this very strange little place. It can be a little shadowy and even sometimes smokey ....more

The very slow

Spring came last Sunday and then it was gone. I went for a long bike ride with a girl named Holli. It was warm and sixty degrees out ....more

The Gloom

The gloom landed right after Christmas, as it always does. I was back in North Carolina, but the cold followed me all the way from New England and kept us all shut up in doors for days at a time. I worked from my desk, but work was slow, and there was very little to keep my mind occupied ....more

13 awesome things from 2013

Here are 13 phenomena that I was introduced to, or happily re-introduced to, in 2013....more

FAQ - Round 2 - raw dogs and north dakota eludes me

Ladies & Gentlemen, boys & girls, lads "n'" lasses, here is round two of FAQ - Finally Answer the damn Questions. Round one is here, although I could sum it up for you right now: I have this job and I went to UW, go dawgs.6. Have you been to all 50 states?...more

new england

I went up North for thanksgiving. I am perfectly happy in Asheville but in the last week or so, it had started to feel like a fist closing around me. I'm not exactly sure why - school stress, house worries maybe- nothing that a few isolated days in Vermont can't fix....more

FAQ - round one- do you work?

Finally Answer the damn Questions!Thank you everyone who sent me questions for the very first FAQ, Finally Answer the damn Questions Section on the wild and often confusingly vague coast. They were fun to read, and they brought to my attention the gaps that exist in this business of writing down my own life, both the intentional and the unintentional. Many of you asked more or less the same question: what happened to the dude who visited and then disappeared off the face of the blog? ...more

the brassiest, most balls-out ship in the sea

For 18 months, my captain asked me to keep this under wraps. Yesterday, she declassified it. I love that ship and her crew ....more

little blocks

It's not that I want to stop writing. Just the opposite, in fact. But I've had to learn a new language lately ....more