I’ve Been Living in Aventura.

*This post is in partnership with Aventura Clothing. This summer has been quiet and...more

Samsung Activewash with Integrated Touch Controls – For the Gremlin of Household Chores

*Samsung sent me a washer and dryer so I could share my experience with you. Opinions are my own. ...more

Masculine Enamel, Emojis, and Other Things – #TAWYTA

The Internet was insane over the Cincinnati Zoo incident, my enamel is now masculine, and I’m anticipating a new Taylor Swift song! It’s time for your weekly Talking About What You’re Talking ...more

Wash Your Chicken Nails Down With Some America – #TAWYTA

Fridays are my most favorite days. Talking About What You’re Talking About is the highlight of my week… because I love social media… I love you guys… and the world is a weird weird place. This week people were talking about chicken nails, beer, John Cho, and more! ...more

Boobs on the Ceiling and Another White Asian – #TAWYTA

Ted Cruz’s roommate hates him, there were boobs on a man’s ceiling, Justin Bieber can color, and more… Yes my lovelies, it is time again to wrap up my social media feeds for the week. It’s time for another Talking About What You’re Talking About! Stay weird, Internet ....more

It’s Not How Many Subscribers I have

First watch this. I made it with the help of some cool people. ...more

Flammable Scarves and So Many Panda Facts – #TAWYTA

This week people in my...more

A Story By My Son

My kid wrote a story in school. That’s all I have to say about this: ...more

Brad Pitt Almost-Babies and Canada Needs to Stop. – #TAWYTA

There could’ve been more Brad Pitt babies! This week my social media streams gave me news about a long time Brad Pitt rumor, some Canadian core strength, and farting. Yup ....more

The Dating Story That Rocked Twitter – #TAWYTA

Yes, the weekly Taking About What You’re Talking About episodes are back! This week my social media friends were amused by a British ship and rocked by a Twitter dating story. You may never look at a purse the same way again ....more