Grace Wins.

There is something about losing your mother that is incomprehensible.A void. An insurmountable pain.A pain that is forever making it's way to the surface.Grief is tricky in that way. It isn't seen but it is so every present.Every second. Every moment. Every passing day.Especially those early ones.Losing our mother's is a pain that everyone will face.We must all face.But what about when it happens so sudden.So early....more

Oh yea it's that time again

Come on momma's we got this. Backpacks all packed. Lunches made. Clothes are all cute and laid out. Sneakers brand new. Yea here we go. In eight months those bags will have holes and we'll be praying the clothes still fit, We'll be throwin crackers and fruit together calling it a lunch and praying that we can even FIND their shoes three minutes before school starts.. But tonight oh yea we're on top of the world. We're on our A-game. We are sitting on top of the world. This is the day that we show off our mad momma skills. ...more

Keep on keeping on.

There are mornings like today. I just do NOT want to get out of bed.  The weight of the longest day of every week has hit and I just didn't want to face it.It's not easy being a single mom. Especially since you are made single by prison. There is no 'this will end tomorrow' or 'he'll be home after work then I can rest' That rest doesn't come until all the kids are in bed. and even then true rest doesn't happen.Not after you fight the fears of what may come in the night. ...more
Hello there, MommaBean! I haven't been on BlogHer much the last week or so. I missed this ...more

Not in the NEW Car!!!

We've had the car almost three weeks now.Today.  TODAY they decide it was ok to make some Crystal light in water bottles.and take them in the car.I didn't know.The car seats are a light gray.Their drinks a deep reddish/purle. My face is beat red.Annoyance is on high.  Crazy momma is about to rear her ugly head. ...more
I'm a spiller. So I never get upset. lol Can't get mad at myself for long anyway. :)more

Coming out of my blog closet.

I've told myself to stand firm. Find the strength.Remember this year God has told me to Let Go. So I'm letting go.I'm freeing myself.I'm ready to be true to myself.No filters. This is our life.My life.My husband is in prison.It's time I come out of my blog closet.It's time to let go.Of the fear.Judgement.Silence. It's time I stand firm and hold on to the promises.This life isn't easy but it is Mine. ...more
Hi Mommabean. Nice to meet you. I'm sorry you are struggling through this, but I want to tell ...more

oooohhhh I just found out about FREE Taco's....

So why couldn't it have been for today...or tomorrow...Why must they tease me with free Taco's at Jack in the Box and make me wait a WEEK for them!   I mean if they have a freebie they should wait to tell me so that I don't dream of them for a week and eat candy bars in frustration as a late night snack.  ...more

Here we GO!

Hello! So laying in bed I couldn't sleep (what's new I'm a mom who CAN sleep when given the chance?) I lay there thinking about all that I had done that day...and all the great shopping deals I had just scored...and I realized I told no one about it.   It ate at me like a mouse who just ate through the wall to my kitchen cabinets full of stockpiled cereal 2 boxes deep. Why not? Why have I not told people what I do and how I do it? Why huh huh huh why the child inside my head pestered me.   ...more