The lessons you don't want to have to teach your kids

We were Chicago this past weekend.For about ten years, this was our stomping ground.  We went to college there, Brian and I met there, we had our first apartment, bought our first condo, walked the streets, knew the restaurants, recognized the faces, navigated the CTA.The was our place. This time, we went back with the kids.  And while we haven't lived there in more than eight years, it was alternately shocking how much was the exact same and how much was different....more

Making Stuff Up

Last week I went to one of those work training sessions that, like most work training sessions, started off with an ice breaker game. ...more

Sometimes C Work is Good Enough

My boss said that to me once.  And it really stayed with me.  We are all raised being told that you have to do your best and excel and be an A student.  Nothing I disagree with.  But then you get into the real world and realize that just isn't real life.  Sometimes, C work is good enough.  And sometimes, C work is actually really, really good. ...more

Dear NFL and the Networks that Broadcast Professional Sports

Hello, I have a favor to ask.  I know, you don't know me from Adam.  But hear me out.  Okay, chances are you won't ever hear me at all, but I'll give it a shot anyway. Like I said, I have a favor to ask.  Our kids love to watch sports.  They are 8 and 6 (and 21 months, but he's not a part of this issue, yet).  And they are boys.  ...more

I agree 100%!!!  I find myself changing the channel every time it's a commercial break ...more

I Turned Out Fine...I Think

So today, Mark McGwire admitted that he really did use performance-enhancing drugs when he beat the home-run record.  And once, again, here we all are back at the, "Ooops, sorry we idolized you sports star guy" moment.  It got me thinking back to a conversation I had a few months ago. I got into a bit of a debate with a guy who I happened to work with on a work project a few months ago.   (He doesn't work with me at work, so all you work friends no need to wonder if this is someone you know.) ...more

Night Training & The Best $100 We Ever Spent as Parents

In my decluttering, I came across this funny blue box the other day.  As it took us forever to learn about it (one of those well-kept parenting secrets), I thought I'd go ahead and share it here in the off chance that someone reading is in the same situation we were in and can do something about it sooner than later....more

Choosing to Believe

A few years after our first son was born, I suggested we start a new tradition in our family.  Here I was 30 years old and my parents were still graciously playing Santa for all of us and our significant others.  It seemed time to change things up once grandkids were added to the mix. ...more

The 500 Pound Declutter - My Urge to Do a Massive Purge

I have issued a major challenge to myself. Over the next year, I am going to remove 500 pounds of clutter from our lives.  Not trash.  That doesn't count, that would be going anyway.  So this isn't 500 pounds of diapers.  I am talking about honest to goodness CLUTTER. And in regaining control of our house, I am going to make effort to translate that to other areas as well.  (And if I can lose 15 pounds along the way and avoid future "When's the baby coming?" comments, that would be delightful.)...more