A Food Writer's Questions About Cabbages and Breastfeeding

All the old wives sitting around the internet cauldron will tell you that wrapping your sore breastfeeding bags of mostly milk in cabbage leaves is a efficacious, cruciferous way to get relief from engorgement, plugged ducts, and even mastitis. (To be fair, all the old scientists sitting around the medical journal cauldron sort of say the same thing.) Cabbage.  On your breasts.  ...more
Lol I remember the cabbage leaves being my absolute last resort, but my oversupply was so bad I ...more

The Belly of the Sky: When Children Make You Write Poetry

I've written before about how being a mom makes you interested in things you never thought you do or say or care about. But this week in parenting elevated that to a whole new level. A RHYMING level. Like many writers-to-be, I had my adolescent spate with poetry in high school (that's not my entire oeuvre, it's just the only sample that didn't make me want to crawl right under the couch when I reread it), and ever since then I tend to steer clear of it. In fact, during Richard Blanco's reading at the 2013 Presidential Inauguration, I tweeted, "Poetry makes me snarky."...more
I am NOT a fan of poetry - usually, but I the one you wrote! Very nice!more

Scrapping Cooking Time for Playtime

Last night, I made lamb chops, mashed potatoes, and our vegetable was a Brussels sprouts salad with sliced apples, walnuts, chèvre, and balsamic vinegar. Tonight, I whipped up some cinnamon-sauteed apples and flipped pancakes. And yet, I'm feeling like I failed my three-year-old son two nights in a row. ...more
I definitely understand this conflict. I have older children now, but my little guy (he's 7) ...more

Gluten-Free Isn't For Me

I used to think I was "lucky" that I had a child who, nearly three years in, hasn't exhibited any food allergies. I really felt for fellow new mothers who were painstakingly and scientifically cutting food groups out of their own diets as they struggled to figure out what in their breast milk was adversely affecting their babies. I quaked over the stories of Urgent Care visits and EpiPen deployment that were required to deal with surprise vomit attacks, hives, swelling and breathing issues. And while other mothers sought out allergen-free crackers and cookies, snacks and meals, I bought whatever I wanted. With all the stresses that motherhood brings, going blind reading the cramped and excruciatingly tiny-fonted list of ingredients in order to make sure I don't send my child into anaphylactic shock wasn't one of them. And I felt lucky. ...more
@adicoff " Kids with allergies need to accept that they have allergies.  There are certainly ...more

Interview with Pamela Ribon, Author and Roller Derby Girl

Pamela Ribon, a fellow former Television Without Pity recapper, is pretty much a rockstar these days. Not only does she pull some sweet television writing gigs, but she's got three books under her belt and is a bad-ass roller derby girl, and, coincidentally, so is the heroine of her newest book, Going in Circles. ...more

I'm putting this book on my summer list!

Jenna Hatfield (more

Going to Restaurants With Kids: Let Parents Leave the House!

Well, another of THOSE articles has come out. What, you didn't hear? Francis Lam wrote a piece on Salon asking, "Is it possible to dine out politely with kids?" Just reading the title made my blood pressure rise. ...more

I'm a Canadian living in Turkey, and there is such a difference between the two countries in ...more

Star Trek Fans and Editors: What I Still Miss From Television Without Pity

While it made sense to move on from Television Without Pity after nine years, there are two major things I miss about working there: the Star Trek fans who posted in the Enterprise forum, and my editors. ...more

Hi Stephanie,

Today's the first day I've had five minutes to read your entire TWOP series of ...more

(VIDEO) May the Fourth Be With You, Star Wars Geeks!

As all good Star Wars geeks know, the day to celebrate all things Star Warsian is today, May 4th. OF COURSE we all know that the first movie -- A New Hope -- was ACTUALLY released in 1977 on May 25th, but it's clearly way more fun and in keeping with this high holy day to celebrate Star Wars today, just so we can go around saying, "May the Fourth be with you!" ...more

Yesterday was an interesting day for all Stars Wars fanatics. They had the entire day saying more

Television Without Pity: Why, Yes, I Invented the Word "Cheftestant"

There are three -- possibly four -- shows that defined my Television Without Pity experience. As I mentioned in a previous post, my first assignment was the Party of Five spinoff, Time of Your Life. That cringetastic little show lasted only one season, but it's significant because it was my first. And you always remember your first. Every week, Jennifer Love Hewitt perfected her sweater cuff clutching, and every week I tried to come up with more nicknames for her. (Spewitt stuck for awhile, and I don't even think it was my creation.) ...more
I hadn't put two and two together until now, and hadn't realised that the same person had ...more

Television Without Pity Sucks Dot Com: What It's Like to Be Really, Really Hated Online

I used to have a real problem with people disliking me. Like, a real problem. I couldn't let it roll off my back, I couldn't "get over it," and I couldn't stop thinking about why. Whyyyyy don't they liiiiiike me?! And then along came Television Without Pity, and I learned what it meant to be really, horribly, histrionically hated. I also learned what whackjobs exist on the Internet. ...more
The fact that so many people DESPISED Television Without Pity's moderators should have told you ...more