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Repaying Student Loans

Congratulations if you've survived the student loan application process!Now, be sure to take action that will carry you through your commitment and set you up for a good credit rating too.On Thursday, July 28th, and Monday, August 1st, I will feature two blogs on highlighting everything you'll need to know about student loans and the process of repaying them. Included will be a "911" post regarding emergency situations that could arise....more

Smart College Financial Planning

It's imperative to plan carefully for college. Now there are many helpful resources to assist parent/guardian and student...First, I've compiled a wealth of information for you, to make things much easier at:

Mentors Make a Difference!

College students and grads now have a great--free--way to obtain a mentor in their field of study through This new nonprofit offers simple online access to mentors willing to assist. Additionally, there are other resources of interest listed on the website. Don't miss the blog with relevant posts, guest blogs, and vlogs, or the newsletter (sign up on the blog)! Add a great mentor to your list of things to get this week. Judy Anne-Educator/Writer/Prospect Researcher Edublog-

Sites for College Students & Grads..

College students and recent grads need an edge With 80-90% of recent grads being turned down because they weren't at the top of their class and have no real work experience, frustration is running high. But there are three key actions that can be taken to ensure you stand out from the crowd and have more success.Three key actions...more

More men were laid off during the recession than women. Why?

With women now making up 49.9% of America's workforce, and women retaining more jobs during the recession than men, what do you think is the main reason?Is it that women are still being paid less than men for the same job, therefore employers retain them instead of their more expensive male coworkers?Is it a testament to women's work ethic that many have been saved from the unemployment lines?What do you feel is the main reason? ...more