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Peyton Elizabeth Lee of Andi Mack on Growing Up Mixed-Race, Working with Lauren Tom and More

Peyton Elizabeth Lee of Disney’s Andi Mack, Image Credit: Disney Have you seen the Disney Channel’s new show Andi Mack? It stars 13-year-old Peyton Elizabeth Lee, who is Chinese-Irish-Italian, and features a mixed-race family, with Lauren Tom mom/grandmother Cecilia and Lilan Bowden of the Upright Citizens Brigade as big sister/mother Bex. The first season, which just ended last week, explores how the family must figure out their roles when Bex returns home and reveals that she is ...more

Webinar: Learn How to Tackle the Task of Paying for College with Rosie Pope and ScholarShare

This post is made possible by our sponsors at ScholarShare Forty-percent of parents are nervous about paying for college, and just 25 percent are confident about it. One thing that sets the confident parents apart is that they are nearly twice as likely to have basic knowledge about a 529 college savings plan and are also more likely to be already using a 529 plan to save for higher education. Just in time for graduations, end of the school year presents, and even baby showers… ScholarShare is hosting 529 Crib Notes, a college savings webinar especially designed for moms to learn about the tax advantaged way to save for college ....more

Soba Noodle Salad From Asian Flavors Diabetes Cookbook

A review copy of the sian Flavors Diabetes Cookbook...more

Writing Between the Vines in Sonoma

What did you do for spring break? I had an excellent five days away from my family (love them, but sometimes you need a room of one’s own to do creative work) to do a writing retreat in the Sonoma wine country with a program called Writing Between the Vines. Upon arriving at Moshin Vineyards, a lovely family run winery...more

NPR: Berkeley Students Publish Cookbook With Asian Postpartum Recipes

Pig’s feet and green papaya soup and caramelized pork belly, two recipes from From Mothers to Mothers. Image Credit: Grace Hwang Lynch I’m over at NPR’s The Salt this week, writing about a new book that combines two topics I’m really interested in: food and Asian culture. A month or so ago, I received a crowdfunding email for a book being published by UC Berkeley students ....more

Farm to Table Asian Secrets Cookbook Review

A review copy and a giveaway copy of Farm to Table Asian Secrets were provided by Tuttle Publishing. No compensation was received and all opinions expressed are my own. While I’m not a vegetarian, I do love vegetables — especially when they are fresh, seasonal and prepared with my favorite flavors ....more

Mixed Match and Other Multiracial Themes at CAAMFest

When being mixed race is more than just an...more

Asian Culinary Trends From the Winter Fancy Food Show 2017

Here are some Asian culinary trends I spotted at the Fancy Food Show A few weeks ago, I had the chance to visit the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco. In case you’re not familiar with it, the Fancy Food Show is an enormous trade show for people in the food industry. There are owners of boutique businesses and giant food corporations, along with buyers from restaurants and grocery stores ....more

Submit Your Writing to Mini-Anthology of Taiwanese American Experiences

Are you a young or emerging Taiwanese American writer or artist? Here’s a chance to submit your work to be published in a mini-anthology that takes a fresh, new look at the Taiwanese diasporic experience. The collection is aimed to bring exposure and develop cohesiveness among Millennial Taiwanese Americans (which broadly speaking, includes college and even high school students) ....more