The Keyhole

Every night, Abby asks us to sit outside her door after we tuck her in. And every night, we pretend to and then go to bed. Last night, Abby called our bluff ....more

The day I cursed investment companies.

I wanted to tell the story of our “offer” that fell through, mostly because when I was looking to it myself on the old interwebs, I couldn’t find anything about the company that wanted to buy our house…so…here it is. A few weeks ago, I got a phone call from our realtor, letting us know that she got an email with an offer for our house. Odd for a few reasons…one was that the offer was from a corporation, and another being they’d never even seen our house ....more

And then I jinxed it.

Was that really all it took? Me, vague-posting about the possible offer? Because it fell through ....more

Because jinxing is a real thing…

…no really. So….things have been happening with our house, like…OFFER type things. Where we talk about closing dates and actually moving out and ALL THOSE THINGS ....more

The 4th of July Staycation

I hate the word “staycation.” And I just used it in a post title. Apocalypse Maybe. Anyway, HI ....more

I’m a Negative Nancy.

And I could not be happier. Last Thursday, for the first time since December, I pissed on a pregnancy test and got a negative. (That means not pregnant…in case there was any confusion.) And today, I had the final blood draw that indicated I am officially no longer showing the pregnancy hormone. I totally have a vacant uterus AND I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER ....more

The Skinny. The Deets. Where We’re At.

I realized yesterday as I was doing God knows what, that I have a tendency to talk about something here and then never really follow up with what happened with it. That’s not helpful. So, here’s a bit of an update on how things are going in our house. Abby’s Sleep Training ...more

I mean…

Cats & Justin Timberlake. I’m nearing a trifecta here. © Mrs. Jenna for blogged bliss, 2013. | Permalink | No comment | Add to ...more

Abby Fought The Wall And The Wall Won.

I’ve had The Clash in my head since Tuesday night. Except replacing “the law” with “the wall.” It’s just too fitting for Abby’s most recent episode. ...more

Selling Our House Is Making Me Feel All The Feels.

You guys. This house selling business? Pretty much the dumbest thing we’ve ever decided to do. I mean, yeah – in the end it will be a new chapter in our lives that shapes…blah blah zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Sorry.  So tired. Because BUY MY HOUSE. ...more