Ashleigh Burroughs

Ashleigh Burroughs


Finding Happiness

It's right there next to love and hope, according to my Humanities Seminar's professor, Dr. Albrecht Classen. Humans, he said, "destroy ourselves and keep on going ....more

A Club No One Wants to Join

At dinner last week, ...more

A Quiet Day

The air smells of creosote, after 10 minutes of sunshine and heavy rain. The roses are in full Fall bloom, surprising me as they have every year with these bonus flowers. Though smaller than their counterparts in the Spring, they are unexpected and, somehow, more precious ....more

Happy Anniversary, Little Cuter and SIR

It's all about the love. It has been since the first time I saw them together, in Little Cuter's dorm room, at the end of her freshman hear. . She'd packed up most of her stuff, but there were stray bobby pins and scrunchies and papers lying on the floor, ready to be picked up and stowed away ....more

He Drove My Car.....

He rearranged the mirrors and the position of the driver's seat. ...more

Angels in America - Millenium Approaches in Tucson

Scarlett and I sat for more than three hours this weekend. ...more

Yarn Bombing


End Robo Calls Forever

No, it's not an interwebs meme. ...more

My America

Cards with the Happy Ladies Club. ...more

I'm Glad She Said It

You know exactly what I'm talking about, don't you? ...more