Ashleigh Burroughs

Ashleigh Burroughs


Happy Birthday, FlapJilly

I've known her for 2 years today. She once was small enough to fit in one forearm. Now, she's a big girl, with big girl ideas and emotions ....more

Politics 2016 - My Boys Speak

Big Cuter called with 3 reactions to President Obama's speech at the Democratic National Convention: Four More Years.... sadly, not possible. "Don't Boo... ....more

Politics 2016 - Snippets from the Democrats, Tweets from Trump

The first speaker I heard was Cory Booker. I loved his biography, United, I was impressed that an old and dear friend has supported him for decades, and he sealed the deal when he wiped his sweaty bald pate without skipping a beat last night.He quoted Maya Angelou, and reminded the audience that they knew the words. There were echoes in the arena as those who did recited them along with him ....more

It's Too Hot to Think

The Democrats have started - and I'm too hot to concentrate. ...more

BlogHer'16 - Am I Going?

I've gone every year since I got shot. I spoke on a panel one year. ...more

How To Feel Better About the World

After watching the drama over substance of the Republican Convention; after listening to the President of Estonia tell NPR that a Trump decision to withhold support if a NATO ally were invaded meant "the end of NATO itself, NATO, around which the world has been organized since 1949;" after driving behind 20-somethings texting while bumbling along in the fast lane; after Monsoon rains quashed my plans to test my knee in the pool; after all of that, I couldn't summon any positive energy at all.Then, I read Intrepid Cat's Facebook post, and my world took on a sunnier hue. ...more

Injured, But Unbowed

Was it playing offense so that Mr. 11 could learn to take a charge?Was it the impossible-for-me-but-I'll-try-it-nonetheless piece in Pilates?Is it the loosening of my psoas? ...more

Who Said What, When - A Snippet

Did Mrs. Trump write her own speech? Did she listen to former First Ladies' speeches and incorporate their words into hers? ...more

End of Summer With The Boys

As our very mature Mr. 13 reminded us, school begins in 3 weeks. ...more

I Wouldn't Buy a Dishwasher From These People

My regular medications have been on automatic refill with BCBSAZ for years. ...more