Ashleigh Burroughs

Ashleigh Burroughs



A very nice man came to interview me today....more

Msaybe It's Just Me

I only saw it from the other side. When I wrote about seeing a holstered handgun at breakfast, all my questions were directed at him....more

Meditation 106 - In Real Life

Miss Vicki came with me last Monday....more

New Friends

They met when my friend joined the Board of a social service agency devoted to the needs of homeless women and children....more

"But how is

"But how is your soul, sweetie?"It's wonderful to have someone to ask a question like that....more


I looked good when I woke up in the morning....more

Random Thoughts - The Fall Edition

Ever since I left Chicago for California, I've had an ache in my heart....more



Levels of Preparedness

Home alone in the early morning....more

Naturally Occurring Retirement Communitiess

Ronni Bennett writes on aging over at Time Goes By....more