Ashleigh Burroughs

Ashleigh Burroughs



A friend came home from a Caribbean cruise to 5" of snow. ...more

Advice to a Young Friend

Dear Elizibeth, So, you've said YESto the offer to be on tv. It's a true crime series, and you are certainly connected to a true crime. You know the details, you know how you feel, but that's not enough ....more

How Am I?

No one asks me how I'm doing any more. ...more

A Week of Old Friends

One emailed, asking for a lawyer in Tucson to whom she could refer a friend.Two are going to pass us like ships in the night this week. ...more

The Boys Were Back

Amster scored tickets to the Tucson Conquistadores Classsic. It's a stop on the Seniors' Golf Tour The 13th tee is at the end of my street,...more

Good Grammar Takes Just As Much Time

"Does spelling count?" Mr. McCarthy's response has stayed with me for half a century. ...more

The 21st Century Medical Experience

We had the same family physician for 15 years. ...more

I'm Sick

with a terrible cold and it's all I can do to move my fingers over the keyboard.But, I never want to disappoint you so, today I'm sending you to a beautiful pieces of writing, found for me by Little Cuter.This link...more

More from the Tucson Festival of Books

Quotes and ideas from TFOB authors: T. Jefferson Parker...more

Tucson Festival of Books

It's my favorite weekend of the year... and Tucson has a lot of really good weekends. It started on Friday night with The Rock Bottom Remainders Dave Barry, Amy Tan, Scott Turow were just a few of the authors who should keep their day jobs ....more