Erin Lee


Bracelet of a Fearless Girl

I have a black bracelet studded with stars, a fearless girl I knew a decade ago often wore it.She was completely comfortable in her own skin. One of those girls who at 20 inherently knew what suited her and stuck with it. She didn't mind being cute as it fit her somewhat bubbly personality.Her diary was full of events, Phi Sigma Rho meetings, Sigma Alpha Iota meetings, Pan-Hellenic Council meetings, IEEE meetings, choir rehearsals, sorority and fraternity socials, as well as parties and dinners with good friends, not to mention university classes and a work placement.She loved to cook, sing, dance, eat, laugh, talk and think about the world.  She kept a livejournal and often amazed her friends with the poetic nature of her prose.  She lived and loved passionately.She was never afraid to be herself and challenge the status quo. She spoke out bravely about the injustices she saw in the world.Then one night at a party it all changed....more

traumatic experiences is emotionally cathartic, a solid step in shedding such baggage. Scars ...more

Pet Deception: Have You Done It?

Pet Deception: Secretly replacing a child’s dead pet without child’s knowledge. A couple months ago we took Nicholas to the pet shop to look at potential small animals. After spending a great deal of time looking at all the gerbils, rats, guinea pigs and rabbits, Nicholas announced the he was certain he wanted goldfish. He even picked out the aquarium he wanted and attempted to lift the box to carry it to the cashier....more