But mostly good.

I got a phone call from Christian...more

Shelter from the storms.

The driveway and steps to our front door are officially poured and...more

Deathway no more.

This morning at first light two things happened: 1. Lottie jumped into bed with me and snuggled deep in the covers....more


Today (in preparation to move), I organized my jewelry. I have so many fun and unique pieces and it's nice once and awhile...more

My Duties

On Sunday, I was released from my duties as Young Women President...more

Box after box after box

I woke up early this morning and started in the basement where...more

Grass: Part 2

Thanks to the three wonderful boys in our neighborhood (and Gigs and Ollie), ...more

Grass: Part 1

Early this morning a large truck dropped off a load of beautiful green grass. It was like Christmas morning!! Christian put in another LONG full day of work again with the ...more

Dirt & hard work

Today was an exciting day at Fox Hill. Besides Nicholas getting a tooth pulled,...more