Barbara Shallue


Baby girls, and other sweet!s

Baby girls twirl into your life a sweet pink rush of kisses and hugs and giggles, petticoats and tiaras, soccer cleats and mudpies, baby dolls and bicycles, makeup and skinned knees, spitfire and swallowed tears. They're a wonder to behold,...more

New Beginnings

"Every goodbye is a new beginning." ~ me (and probably a bunch of other people) This afternoon I said goodbye to an old friend: my grandmother's piano. A friend from high school bought it for her granddaughter. She met me at my parents' home today and I helped her load it onto a trailer....more

Silent Love and Friendship

I was headed to Houston last Saturday ... dreading the drive, the task ahead of me, and a whole day away from my business which I really can't afford at this time ... when I spotted a Panda Express ....more

An Afternoon on East 6th

My Nikon has felt neglected the past few months and I've missed spending time with photography in general. Joining an Austin photography meet-up group seemed like a great solution. And I was right....more

A Sweet Backtrack Through May and June... Part 2

Okay, where was I? Oh, yes... May ....more

A Sweet Backtrack through May and June... Part 1

Holy cow! A month has passed since my last post. How the heck did that happen? ...more

Remembering to look up....

Nature reserves the right to inflict upon her children the most terrifying jests. ~Thornton Wilder ...more

Ch-ch-ch-changes... and other sweet!s

Did you notice my blog looks a little different?...more

Well, 56 isn't so bad...

I turned 56 two weeks ago. I've had intentions of writing this post ever since, but somehow the days have just flown by me. I hope that's not indicative of this coming year! ...more

As the bluebonnets fade into memory...

Bluebonnet season doesn't last long, maybe a month from first pop to stragglers still hugging the roadsides....more