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Happy Thanksgiving, by George...

Let us come to him with thanksgiving. Let us sing psalms of praise to him....more

A weekend of birthday celebrations and away they go again...

My oldest and his beautiful wife are somewhere over the Pacific Ocean right now, traveling to New Zealand with another couple for a trip of a lifetime, one they've dreamed about for years. I would say "the" trip of a lifetime, but these two have already spent Oktoberfest in Munich, honeymooned in Italy, and traveled to Moscow,...more

Lesson #84 (Happy birthday, happy Friday the 13th, and thank you, Mama!

"You must have been a beautiful baby..." ~Johnny Mercer ...more

Reflections on Veteran's Day

They are all around you, disguised as ordinary...more

Oh, October...

Yes, I realize we're already a third of the way through November, but I'm still recovering from October....more

From: Barbara

salutations Barbara ...more

" long as I'm living, my baby you'll be."

My middle son turned 27 today. My "baby" turned 24 this summer and my oldest will be 30 in December. Yikes!...more

Beaches, Beer, and other sweet!s

Last weekend I spent a gorgeous weekend in Port Aransas, Texas, with dear friends, old and new. It was something like our 16th annual get-away, but I confess I've lost count. ...more

Oktoberfest, Lago Vista Style!

St. Mary Our Lady of the Lake's Oktoberfest tradition started way before we moved to Lago Vista. Some of the aspects of it change from year to year, but overall it remains the same in two areas: 1 ....more

Happy birthday, Daddy!

My Daddy's been gone two years now, so it's truly a blessing that I can still see him in my mind, alive and well, with eyes twinkling. Even now, I turn to him in tough times and hear his voice encouraging me. Photographs and blog posts help keep his memory fresh ....more