My name is Amy. I live in Colorado with my husband Jody and our two children Ava (9) and Julian (7). I am passionate about natural childbirth, breastfeeding, gentle discipline, recycling, green living, organic and local foods, sustainable living, backyard hens, informed healthcare decisions, homeschooling/unschooling and other things considered crunchy/granola/earthy. I practice Attachment Parenting (or parenting by instinct) because it feels right for me and my family.

After Ava was born, I felt a need to raise awareness on various issues – from women and children’s health to the environment – something I have tried to do since my blog’s inception in 2005. I truly do want to make the world a better place for her and Julian and I hope that I can do that even if it’s in a very small way. As Gandhi said, “We must be the change we wish to see in the world.”

Now that my children are a bit older, my focus is less on the early parenting aspects and leans more toward unschooling (or life learning as it’s also called). The basic premise is, “life is learning, learning is life.” ZenHabits’ author, Leo Babauta wrote a great article about unschooling that answers a lot of questions about what it is and isn’t. Since it is a BIG part of my life right now, I will be writing about this subject on my blog as well.

In addition to my wife and mama role, I’m the shopkeeper of two online stores – Attached At The Hip, featuring AP advocacy wear and more, and Cute As A Bug, featuring cute and original designs for babies, kids and adults.

I used to be a contributing editor at BlogHer and formerly wrote for API Speaks and 5 Minutes For Going Green as well.

I enjoy reading, writing, gardening, photography, crocheting, painting, cooking, and spending time in nature and with my chickens.

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School Garden Produce: Not Fit for Student Consumption?

A school garden can be a wonderful outdoor classroom. Children can learn a variety of subjects while working with others to grow their own food. But in some school districts the children have the gardens to grow the food, but are forbidden from eating it in their lunchrooms. ...more
Well at least the kids get to see food grow...wonder how they explain to the kids that they ...more

Women in Control of Epidural in Labor Use 30% Less Anesthesia

A new study on the use of epidurals in labor reports laboring women given control over their epidural anesthesia resulted in a 30 percent reduction of the amount of anesthesia used. The women were "basically as comfortable" as women on a continuous dose. Researchers also report a trend toward fewer deliveries that required instrument assistance, such as forceps, in the patient-controlled group. ...more

I think this is great. I don't want to spark a Medicated vs. unmedicated childbirth debate.

Common Ingredient in Sunscreen the "Asbestos of the Future?"

I recently read about a new Swiss study claiming that the ingredient titanium dioxide (TiO2) nanoparticles -- widely used as a white pigment in sunscreen, toothpaste and cosmetics -- provokes similar inflammatory effects on the lungs as asbestos. Yes, that asbestos. The stuff that can cause serious illnesses, "including malignant lung cancer, mesothelioma (a formerly rare cancer strongly associated with exposure to amphibole asbestos), and asbestosis (a type of pneumoconiosis)." ...more

This article brings up a lot on interesting concerns. I can only hope the mistakes of the ...more

Americans Still Aren't Eating Their Vegetables

Last month, the New York Times reported that despite 20 years of "public health initiatives, stricter government dietary guidelines, record growth of farmers’ markets and the ease of products like salad in a bag, Americans still aren't eating enough vegetables." ...more

I'm hoping with the increasing focus on farmers' markets and csa's there will be a renewed ...more

Green Your Halloween with National Costume Swap Day

I have fond memories of Halloween from when I was a kid. My crafty mom made a point of sewing costumes for me and my siblings, often creating a theme for all three of us. One year we were Princess Leia, Darth Vader and an Ewok. Another year my brother was Superman and I was Batgirl. Our little sis was a clown. Not exactly sure how that tied in to our super hero theme. Oh yeah, it was a costume my mom made years prior that both me and my brother had outgrown. I'm not giving you grief for reusing costumes, Mom. Really, I'm not. :) I actually love it! ...more

your article gave me an idea: i already have a pumpkin outfit for my baby this year, but i will ...more

BPA Exposure "Much Higher" Than Believed and the Proposed BPA Ban

Bisphenol-A or BPA -- a chemical used primarily to make plastics -- has been under scrutiny in the United States since 2008 when its safety was called into question. Most recently, a study published September 20 in the online NIH journal Environmental Health Perspectives "suggests exposure to BPA is actually much greater than previously thought, and its authors urge the federal government to act quickly to regulate the chemical that is found in baby bottles, food-storage containers and many household products." ...more

I try not to use any plastics... I have glass food containers for food storage, a glass water ...more

Booby Traps Set Breastfeeding Moms Up for Failure

Many mothers start out with the best of intentions when it comes to breastfeeding. Health experts agree that "breast is best" and the benefits of breastfeeding for both the baby and the mother are numerous. Yet while a lot of people give lip service to the importance of breastfeeding, there isn’t a lot of support for women once they make the decision to breastfeed. In fact, our society offers very little support to breastfeeding moms and often sabotages breastfeeding altogether. ...more
As the breastfeeding mom of THREE kids, now ages 27, 23 and 16, let me just say that I cannot ...more

Spanking and Criminal Behavior

It saddened and concerned me when I saw that nearly 109,000 people (at the time of this writing) on Facebook had "liked" the following statement: "I'd rather go to jail for spanking my kids than for them to go because I didn't." - Likey Does that mean spanked kids *never* go to jail? Or *only* unspanked kids go to jail? What the frack, people? What. the. frack. ...more
At best it's lazy parenting, at worst it's physically and emotionally harmful.  In no way is it ...more

Mom Follows Her Instincts, Revives 'Dead' Newborn with Kangaroo Care

After Australian mom Kate Ogg gave birth to premature twins at 27 weeks gestation, her doctor gave her the news no mother wants to hear. One of the twins -- a boy -- didn't make it, but that's just the beginning of this heartwarming story. ...more

when I first heard it. So heartwarming!

Jennifer Barr is a wife and working mom of two ...more

Child-led Weaning: They Aren't Going to Nurse Forever

A little more than two years ago, I wrote about my experiences nursing a preschooler. At the time I discussed the fact that my nearly 4-year-old daughter was still nursing and how I never planned or expected to be nursing a 4-year-old, yet it just happened. ...more

I breastfed all 6 of my kids at least until 8 mos. My 6th I am still nursing, and she is 13 mos ...more