I made my friend Sharon put a fresh post her blog for BlogHer. (My standard BlogHer advice. Have a fresh post on your blog.) You should read it ....more

Another old post…things about me

So, Bad Luck Detective wants a list of some divisible by five number of things about us. I guess I better cooperate with her. This despite the fact that: 1 ....more

Trouble (Previously on BlogHer)

Trouble… By TW on March 28, 2012 My daughter stands next to my desk utters those words (the ones that strike fear in a mother’s heart.) “I’m having trouble” … “with line breaks.” I sigh with relief. Line breaks! I can tackle those ....more

Freezer Needs–Input Requested

For most of my adult life, I have had a freezer. Once upon a time it was a giant chest freezer, that got left behind when I divorced. Then an upright freezer my mother bought me when we lived in Gainesville ....more

The Flamingo House at Paradise Pond

We’ve bought a home. This is the first home Denise and I have bought together. It will be our forever home ....more

Menu for the Week

Here is our menu for the week. It started Saturday, but I just am now posting it. Saturday Pimento cheese chicken, garlic bread or ciabatta from freezer, salad (lettuce from last week) Sunday-Melissa–Tapas (Cheese tour, meat tour, street corn, burrata, pickled vegetables ....more

Stream of Waste

I took the garbage out and to the street yesterday evening. It isn’t one of my normal chores. For whatever reason, when setting up our household, it fell into being Denise’s job ....more

Holidays and hashtags

I love nearly ALL holidays. #Talklikeapirate day excluded. But, go ahead and sign me up for #gruntledworkerday and family favorite #pigday ....more

The Cubs Game

I had a magical birthday month. Denise thought of everything and anything for my birthday. Then Mama topped it off with a fabulous birthday cake from Sugarees ....more


Sometimes I wonder why I click on articles. “Click bait” articles. One today: 10 Things You Don’t Know You Can Do With Facebook ....more