Tarrant Figlio


NaBloPoMo and Me….

I have mostly avoided the NaBloPoMo urge. Ok, I think about it. I may even post at the beginning of the month ....more

BlogHer and Perfection Salad

So, I mentioned celery recently. It actually was in the discussion of Perfection Salad. (Not my recipe, but there is a picture) Yes, I have picked up another cookbook with a version of Perfection Salad ....more

The Pronoun Game

Once upon a time, not so long ago and a lifetime ago, Denise had a job where she had to play the pronoun game at work. Those of you who are straight probably wonder what that means. It means that each sentence that referred to me or our family was carefully constructed without “she/her/girlfriend.” It […] Related Posts: A Ramble about Military Families, Veterans, and the Rest The Phantom Sling Grandmothers… College Week A very late in the evening mother’s day post ...more

Get Ready for #BlogHer 14!

BlogHer14 is around the corner! This will be a magical time–a tenth anniversary celebration of all good things female and Social Media! Learning new things, meeting new friends, seeing old ones ....more

My Brain is Weird

Last night I got Junie B Jones mixed up with June Jordan. Let me tell you how it happened. My first born and I were talking about celery last night ....more

The Phantom Sling

Today while scrolling through my news feed on Facebook, I saw a beautiful ring sling. Suddenly, I felt the “phantom sling” and baby. My baby turns 16 in August ....more

About Our Pack

See those dogs? That is our pack. Three hound dogs ....more

Sad, Angry, Worried

Remember last week when Rebecca was a new graduate? When all the world stretched out in front of her. She was not the only child at graduation, of course ....more

A Certain Kind of Man

We take our dogs to the dog park about once a week. They’d love to go more but the dog park is a drive and washing them down after is never fun. We also take them for walks ....more

On Graduation-Rebecca

Today you graduated high school. We came early to get good seats. We had them ....more