Using Fluoride Free Toothpaste for Optimal Oral Health of Your Family

Taking care of the teeth is also important just like the rest of the body. It is a common mistake made by people to ignore their oral health and hygiene while they are focusing on other aspects of health. However, this neglect can prove to be very costly for them in the long run and not just financially. Teeth are one of the most vital parts of the body because they are used for chewing and eating food. In addition, teeth can also give people a beautiful smile as long as they take care of them. The overall health and confidence of individuals will take a blow if their teeth aren’t in the ideal condition. Therefore, people need to use the best toothpaste, which can aid them in maintaining the health and beauty of their teeth.

A quick visit to the market will show that there are countless brands of toothpaste that are available to people and people can select one as per their preference. In fact, dentists usually recommend separate toothpaste for everyone, depending on the health and condition of their teeth. Most dentists would advise people to use fluoride toothpaste to keep their teeth shiny and clean. Fluoride is known to help with discoloration and prevents cavity and plaque buildup. However, fluoride is a dangerous ingredient and this has been proved through research. In fact, excessive exposure to fluoride can damage the teeth permanently so fluoride free toothpaste should be used instead.

The degree of toxicity of fluoride hasn’t been understood completely yet, but people have become aware that it is dangerous and can be even more so when it is added to water too. However, the problem that people face is that most of the toothpaste that can be found in the market contains fluoride as the primary active ingredient. Therefore, they don’t know how to find the best toothpaste that can meet their dental needs without posing any risk to their dental and overall health.

The ideal toothpaste for individuals is one that’s free of any dangerous substance. This means that no chemicals should be used in it as they are known to have side effects. Checking the ingredients of the toothpaste before adding it to your purchases is a good way to do so. Even then, people might not be able to find toothpaste that has only natural ingredients, which can benefit the teeth. In this case, it is best for them if they make toothpaste at home. The beauty of homemade toothpaste is that people are making it themselves so they know exactly what they are putting in it.

Even before commercial toothpaste was introduced, people had made their own at home so it is not exactly a new concept. Finding a recipe for natural and healthy toothpaste is also very easy. People can easily search on the internet and find a lot of recipes that can be followed easily and people will have their own toothpaste in no time at all. With this homemade toothpaste, they can protect their teeth from any chemicals and their side effects.

Visit for a homemade toothpaste recipe, prepared by Dr. Daniel Vinograd, a holistic dentist from San Diego, CA.