Using the "R" Word Does Not Make You Witty! ~An Open Letter to the Unenlightened

Here it goes...If you are someone who uses the word "retard" and you think it's funny...It's not! If you are someone who uses it to insult another person...shame on you! If you think combining words like "fuck" and "tard" are clever...It is not! And if you believe using made up words like "sped" are cute...let me be the first to tell you that you're dead wrong! As a special education para-professional these words have always made me cringe. Anyone who knows me really well can tell you...Just ask my husband! Now that I am the mother of a child with cerebral palsy these words provoke a primal physical response in me that I can not put into words. Today I read an entire thread on the internet in which so-called adults not only used all of these words, but apparently found it humorous as well! Many of these people throwing around the term "short bus" to imply stupidity. If these people feel the need to have a euphemism for "stupid" they need not look any farther than their bathroom mirror. My five year old daughter who happens to ride "the short bus" to school is NOT a punch line for anyone's tasteless, unoriginal, poor excuse of a joke. For those of you that have these words in your vocabulary...I hope you stop using them immediately. Consider yourself enlightened...Courtesy of~Yours Truly


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