Using Social Media To Indentify Criminals in Vancouver Riot

 In the aftermath of last night's post Stanley Cup game riot concerned citizens of Vancouver are using social media to rally the troupes for clean up and catch the criminals that destroyed parts of our city.

People throughout British Columbia are getting on Facebook offering to come down to the city to help with the clean up. Others started as soon as areas were cleared and spent the night removing the debris that littered the streets. With all the snapping of cameras by the mostly youthful participants in this turmoil some savvy media experts are collecting what was posted and copying them to their sites to assist police in identification.

For some who are now sober enough to figure out the fact that they uploaded their images to Facebook, YouTube etc., their morning has been spent trying to quickly take the pictures down.  Dave Teixeira has created a site to capture the images and videos from anyone wanting to forward their pictures for police use, his website has crashed many times as a result and at last check was still not up and running. Vancouver Fans Riot blogs are everywhere with links to even more pictures that we can only hope will bring some assistance to our police.

Look, we all know this can happen when you gather thousands of fans but up to this point the city held various similar events throughout the series with no incidents. The Olympics was also a shining example of what this beautiful city could accomplish in gathering people for fun times.

It is truly sad that so many participated in this event; not moving on, not choosing to be lawful, loving the spotlight placed on them as they danced on top of burning cars and celebrated as one more window smashed open to a vulnerable store. As much as it has become cool to document everyone's movements, to be forever looking through a camera lens with devices cradled in the palm of their hands, this is one time when maybe all this 'need to be seen' will turn against them and some will find themselves in a courtroom instead of on our streets!

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