Using your energy wisely

A lot of us ponder why some days we have more energy than others, right?  Sure, we could take factors like diet and sleep in to account, but isn't there a way that we can balance our energy more?



Why yes there is! We don't realize it, but there are things in our lives that greatly give AND take away our energy. These can come in the form of activities, people and even objects, but today, I want to focus on activities. Being aware of what gives us energy and what takes away our energy on a daily basis can help us spread out our energy reserves, if you will, to live more fully each day.



How to better balance your energy



1) Take an inventory of all of the things you do daily. This can be a sloppy list, so just jot them all down. No one needs to see this but you. These activities can range from getting ready in the morning, to working out after work, to volunteering at your fave, local organization. It's important to think in detail as there could be something that you overlook that is a real energy-sucker.


2) Now to analyze: without thinking too hard about each item, go through your list and put a "+" by any activity that gives you energy. You'll know which ones do, as they make you smile from how much you look forward to doing them. Then, put a "-" by any that take away your energy. Again, you'll know right away which ones these are as you dread them.


3) Have any that are left blank? That's cool. Sometimes we "just do" things that neither give nor take away our energy. We won't need to focus on these.


4) Focus for a few minutes on the things that give you energy. These are the daily activities that you need to emphasize and devote more of your energy to as they will help "carry" you through those activities that take away your energy...


Say, for example, eating lunch with coworkers gives you energy, but that doing the dishes takes away your energy (I can relate!) Perhaps, while doing the dishes, you could brainstorm new, local restaurants that you and your coworkers could visit. Or maybe some topics that you all could discuss to get to know each other on a deeper level. See? You've shifted your energy. You've forgotten you're doing the dishes already! You got done what you needed to and still retained your energy by focusing on what generates more of it for you. Pretty neat, huh?


This can work with a range of activities. I guarantee that you if write your list tonight and try this out tomorrow that you will feel more of a balance in energy!



What gives you energy? What takes it away? Life coaching can help clarify energy givers and takers and can help you create your personal action plan for better balancing your energy. If you are interested in using your energy more wisely, I'd love to chat! Email me:




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