The Usual Chaos At Corntassle Cottage!

You would think that by now I would be used to the usual chaos at Corntassle Cottage; unfortunately, I am not much of one for chaos...then again I think I could get extremely bored without it! Though I suppose with a hubby and three, well actually four children I can't forget my son from another mother, chaos is a package deal. LOL! Each of them brings their own special brand of chaos into the family. Three of the four males are of course teens, 13, 19, 20, and there are days that they seem like little martian's, oftentimes wondering, "What one earth was he thinking?" Then rounding out the males is of course the biggest kids of all...the hubby! LOL! Sometimes, he seems like the ringleader of the martians. Of course we can't forget lil miss, who while being the sweetest lil thing, there are days with her that I scratch my head and think that she is probably the cookiest lil stinker,  ever.

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