Vacation Savings: Spend $500 a Month After Bills, That's It

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What a way to save for a vacation! This blogger wants to go to the Outer Banks, so she's determined to only spend $500 this month after bills are paid. I'm totally impressed with her progress, which she's detailed on her blog.

Amanda writes:

We spend a ton of money on stupid food. This month we have been sure to waste nothing, which has been kind of eye opening. If you had asked me before whether or not we wasted a lot of food, I would have told you, No. I mean, maybe a brown banana here and there, but no. It has come to my attention that we are wasters of like... whole meals worth of food. Ends of unused bread, left overs, wilted greens, homemade salad dressing that sits in the fridge for a week without being used. Getting organized about planning meals and spending less on them has really helped me to use up everything we have.

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OUter Banks

Photo Credit: Magnolia5777/Phyllis on Flickr

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